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Just Been Paid in Urdu | Free Earning Method


Are You Tired of Failing at Working from Home?

Islamic Point of View about Jss trippler is Given Below:

JBP 1 aisi compney hai jis main apko na to referral dhondny ki zarorat hai or na roz roz kisi kisam ka net
py kaam karny ki zarorat hai,

ye 1 simple or easy job hai, jisy har koi ba-asani kar sakta hai. Ye 1 investment job hai,
is job ko wo dost bhi kar sakty hain jin k pas internet nahi hy,
is job sy ap apny or apni family or apny doston k halaat badl sakty hain,
jo log ye nahi manty k internet sy paisy kmaye jaty hain unko ap dikha sakty hain k ab sab kuch mumkin hy,

· No need for Team Work
· No need for Time limit
· No need for daily work

Is job main ye system nahi hy k jab tak ap k downline koi referral nahi aye ga tab tak apko paisy nahi milen gy,
balky is job ka faida ye hy k bina kisi referral or bina kisi roz k home work k bagher apko daily income milti rehti hai.
Is main aap ney bas invest karna hy or us investment ka 2% hissa roz apko mila kary ga.

For Example !
Agar aap ny $100 invest kia hai to uska 2% hissa jo $2 banta hai wo daily apko mila kary ga.
Or agar aap chahty hain k apki roz ki income zyada ho jaye to ap or zeyada invest kar k apni daily income barha sakty hain.

Aam Sawalaat…
Q: hamein ye 2% hissa kab tak milta rahy ga? Kya iski koi limit hai???
Ans: G han, har position ki limit 75 days tak hai, After 75 days position expire ho jaye gi. after then apki choice hogi k ap or profit kamana chahty hain k nahi.

Q: kya hamein har baar apni jaib sy invest karna parhy ga???
Ans: nahi. Company sy jo dollars ayen gy ap usi ko wapis invest kar k bhi apni daily income barha sakty hain.

Q: kya koi referral downline lgany ka koi faida hoga???
Ans: G HAN, ap apny downline referral laga sakty hain or unka faida bhi hoga.

Q: referral ka hamein kya faida hoga???
Ans: apka referral jab bhi koi position ly ga to uska apko $1 bonus mily ga.

Q: Position kya hai???
Ans: is main $10 ko 1 position kehty hain, or har position ka $1 bonus apko mily ga.

Q: kya hamein referral k referral ka bonus bhi mily ga???
Ans: G Han, bilkul apko ap k referral k referral ka bonus bhi mily ga,
Ap k referral ka referral jb bhi position ly ga to uska 0.50 Cents bonus apko mily ga.
Remember that apko bas 2nd referral tak bons mily ga 3rd referral ka bonus apko nahi mily ga.

Q: kya hamary referral ka bonus bhi hamain daily income k sath milta rahy ga???
Ans: Nahi, ap k referral ka bonus apko bas us waqt hi mily ga jab wo koi position ly ga. or jab tak wo position leta rahy ga apko har position ka bonus milta rahy ga.

Q: Kya humary referral ki koi limit hogi???
Ans: Nahi, koi limit nahi hogi. Ap jitney chahen referral laga sakty hain.

Q: kya hamara account har roz login hona zarori hai???
Ans: Nahi, ap jab chahen login kar sakty hain. chahen to 75 days bad login kar len. apko apka profit complete mily ga.

I hope apko ye job pasand ai hogi or ap is interesting or easy job ko karny main dair nahi Karen gy.

My Daily Income chart...

Join karny ka tarika.
Step by step…
Pehly ap is link ko open Karen,

Click Here For Join

Step 1: joining page open karny k bad,

Step 2: Sign up karny k bad apko email bheji jaye gi jis main apka account active karny ka link bheja jaye ga.

Step 3:

is step k bad apko 1 member i.d dia jaye ga jo is pic me bna hua hy. like 268065. or jo apko member i.d mily ga usy yad rakhiye ga because us member i.d k bagher apka account login nahi hoga.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Account login karny k bad Jss-Tripler py click karen.

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11:

Step 12:

now ap apny account sey dollar invest karny k liye is option Fund JSS Account ko open karen gy.

Step 13:

Ap jitny dollar invest karna chahty hain wo is khali box me likhiye. for example agar ap $10 invest karna chahty hain to 10 likhen.

Step 14:
After then ap apny jis account sy dollar invest karna chahty hain us py click karen,

Step 15:
apna AlertPay ka email or password likh kar login karen.

Step 16:

Step 17:

Confirm and Proceed karny bad ap k dollar JSS k Fund account main chalen jayen gy. phir ap wo dollar ap apny JSS k fund account sy JSS-Tripler account main transfer karen gy.

Step 18:

Remember that ap ne jitny dollar AlertPay sy JSS-fund main invest kiye thy wohi is jaga main likhen. masln ap ny $10 diye thy to khali box main 10 likhen.

Step 19:

Now your last step. ab ap ny Buy Jss-Tripler position ko open karna hy.

Step 20:

yahan ap apni positoin ka number likhen gy. agar ap 1 position lena chahty hain to is khali box main 1 likh k proceed kar den,

Step 21:

Step 22:

Confirm karny k bad apka account puri tor py ready hai. ab apki daily income start ho gai hy.

Step 23:

Now complete your steps…
Ab ap apni earning aglay din dekh sakty hain.
apni Financial option ko open karen or apna daily profit dekhen.

date and time k sath apni earning dekhny k liye page k last me ajayen,

How to fund your JSS-Tripler-Account
  1. Login on the website
  2. Click On The Red JSS Button
  3. Click on Click Here To Go Directly To The Five JSS Programs
  4. Click on JSS Tripler
  5. Click the Enter button
  6. Click The Financial Link at the top of the page
  7. Scroll Down to the Add Funds to Tripler button and click on it
  8. Enter the amount and click on the Transfer from JSS Account button
  9. Check the amounts and result and click on the Fund my JSS Tripler Account button
  10. Close the browser window, not the complete browser
  11. In the previous open screen click the Buy JSS-Tripler Position button
  12. Enter Amount (number) of positions you wish to purchase
  13. Check the amounts of positions and results and click on the button
  14. Close the browser window, not the complete browser
  15. Refresh the previous window after a while
  16. Check your positions by choosing the Positions link on top
    Sometimes the placements of positions can take a while, so be patient.
Please be patient while video is loading


Contact us for more detail or any problem,
Cell: 0302=2014728

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OS X Daily: Show Long File & Folder Names on the Mac OS X Desktop

OS X Daily: Show Long File & Folder Names on the Mac OS X Desktop

Link to OS X Daily

Show Long File & Folder Names on the Mac OS X Desktop

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 11:46 AM PST

Show long file names in Mac OS X

Recently we covered how to show full file names on the Mac OS X desktop, avoiding the abbreviated labels that occur when a file or folders name is too large to fit in the allowed character count limit. That trick was done by increasing the desktops grid size, but as one of our readers pointed out in the comments, you are still limited to a maximum of 20 characters in a file name. Using a defaults write command, this can be adjusted to display very long file names without shortening them. As you may have guessed, this is achieved by increasing the desktops grid size even further.

Increase the File Name Displayed Character Limit in Mac OS X

The displayed character limit can be increased to virtually any number, for the purpose of this tip we’ll increase the file names character limit from 20 to 50.

Launch the Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/ and enter the following command.

defaults write FXDesktopLayoutGridCharCount 50; killall Finder

Entering this command will change the count and immediately restart the Finder so changes take place. If you want fewer or more characters, adjust the number on the end accordingly. The screenshot at the top of this post shows a 100 character limit, but too large a number can look strange, making 50 a good compromise for showing long file names and not making a disaster of the desktop.

Restore the Default File Name Character Limit
defaults write FXDesktopLayoutGridCharCount 20; killall Finder

Using the above command, the Finder will also restart and the desktops file name limit will be restored to the default setting of 20 characters.

Thanks to Brah for the great tip left in our comments

Update: Additional testing and user feedback suggests the defaults write trick may work in Mac OS X 10.6 only. For OS X 10.7 Lion users, increasing grid space works to the same effect but doesn’t require Terminal intervention.

The Future of Siri is Now: Start a Car, Adjust Home Thermostat, and More [Videos]

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 10:44 AM PST

Siri Starting a Car “Siri, start my car”, “Siri, Set the thermostat to 72 degrees” – saying that to the iPhone and having an AI agent perform those tasks sounds futuristic doesn’t it? It’s not from the future though, it’s now, thanks to the ambitious work of a third party developer who created something called Siri Proxy.

As the name suggests, SiriProxy is a proxy server to Apple’s Siri assistant that allows for creating custom plugins that perform virtually any function, including tasks like remotely starting a car, locking and unlocking car doors, and even querying and controlling a home thermostat. The potential here is huge, and none of it requires any on-device hacks or jailbreaks because it’s handled away from the iPhone on a remote server.

Due to it’s very early stage in development, setting up Siri Proxy isn’t the most easy thing in the world. You’ll need an iPhone 4S, and some experience with Ruby, certificates, web servers, and OpenSSL (you’re setting up a web server, after all). If that’s you, check out the source code and instructions on how to get it working here.

Here are some videos of Siri Proxy in action:

Siri starting and stopping a car remotely

Siri controlling a home thermostat

Siri locking and unlocking car doors

On the SiriProxy projects page you can find more videos of third party implementations, including Siri interaction with Twitter, Dreambox, Plex, and even retrieving sports scores.

With so much obvious potential, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if Apple wound up opening Siri to iOS developers. Apple pays close attention to third party hacks and isn’t afraid to embrace some of the ideas born from these outside developers, the most recent example of which includes a wide variety of the features in iOS 5.

Heads up to MacGasm and Adem Semir for the video links.