Monday, 21 November 2011

Gizmo's Freeware: This PDF to Word Converter Is Fast And Free

Gizmo's Freeware: This PDF to Word Converter Is Fast And Free

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This PDF to Word Converter Is Fast And Free

Posted: 20 Nov 2011 10:42 PM PST

I've tried quite a few PDF to Word converters and can confidently tell you that none of them work perfectly with more complex documents. Some don't even work well with simple documents. This free converter uncovered by our Hot Finds editor is not perfect either but did a pretty decent job on several of my test documents. It's certainly worth having in your toolkit.

Indeed it's worth having several converters in your toolkit so you can see which gives the best results on a particular document. And don't forget to try the free PDF to Word converter at as well. This works as well as many of the others I've tried and has the advantage of being an online service with nothing to install.

OS X Daily: Hide System Preference Panels in Mac OS X

OS X Daily: Hide System Preference Panels in Mac OS X

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Hide System Preference Panels in Mac OS X

Posted: 20 Nov 2011 11:47 PM PST

Hide System Preferences Mac OS X

You can hide unwanted System Preferences from appearing in the control panel without actually removing them. This is a helpful distinction for setting up other user accounts or just for hiding System Prefs you never access and no longer need:

  • Open “System Preferences” from the  Apple menu and pull down the “View” menu, selecting “Customize”
  • Uncheck each preference panel you want hidden, then click “Done”

For Mac OS X Lion and iCloud users, this is a simple way to ditch the now unnecessary MobileMe preferences from cluttering the options.

Hiding unused System Preferences

For setting up a limited user account, hiding many of the panels and then sorting the remaining panes alphabetically can make the entire System Preferences app easier to use.

Block Caller ID on iPhone to Always Make “Blocked” Calls

Posted: 20 Nov 2011 01:41 PM PST

Always Make Blocked Calls from iPhone

The iPhone can be set to always hide the dialing phones number from the recipients caller ID’s. This works by initiating every phone call with the prefix *67 to force the number to appear as “Blocked” on the receiving caller ID. This is helpful for making anonymous phone calls, or if you just want to be sent to someones voicemail.

  • Launch “Settings” and tap on “Phone”
  • Tap on “Show My Caller ID”
  • Slide to “OFF”

You can also manually prefix a number with *67 when dialing to make a one-off call that is blocked from caller ID. Generally speaking nobody likes receiving “Blocked” calls, so if you want your phone calls to be answered it’s a good idea to leave the iPhone’s Caller ID enabled.

Computer Tips [ Take Control Of The Web With This Awesome Add-On + The Sweet Sound Of Start-Up Silence + The Secret To Making The Perfect CD/DVD ] 11/21/2011

Computer Tips

Worldstart Computer Tips 11-21-2011

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Quick Tips

Firefox Web Developer’s Toolbox

Are you a web guru? Know someone who is? Well, then you’ll be happy to know that if you’re working with Firefox, the folks over at Mozilla have a whole slew of developer tools at your disposal. All it takes is a couple clicks.

In Firefox, go to Tools>Web Developer>Get More Tools

What opens up is an official Mozilla site with all sorts of handy stuff to make developing for Firefox a bit easier. Tools to artfully select colors, make macros (automation) and basically speed up the development process altogether.

Give it a look today, web devs!


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One GOOD LOOKIN' Strontium Flash Drive...


JUST $22.97!

Tough As Nails! Awesome Design! It Gets NO Better Than This!

We've NEVER Sold 16 Gigs for This Ridiculously Cheap!

You Can Pay $40 - $50 Somewhere Else...


When we got the new pricing for these, we were completely blown away!! I have seen 16Gb flash drives go for at least $50 all over the place! I've had staff - and even some friends - say things like "Really, these are 16GB's - brand new?" My answer is always the same - "Yep - you got it!"

These are AWESOME
16 Gig Strontium Flash Drives and they are gonna FLY outta here!

I just did some checking around to see what 16gb flash drives are going for retail right now - here's what I found: the "big box" stores are getting no less than $40 - $50! So when I say it's pretty amazing that we're able to do these for less than $23, you know that's not just a line, it's a fact!!

STRONTIUM is a KNOWN Name Brand - This beast is NOT a Generic!

These aren't second rate drives, they're Strontium drives so you know they're top of the line!

Plus - With 16 GB of space, it's like the Grand Canyon of flash drives! This is equivalent to carrying around 20- Count it -20 - CD-Rs!!

That's AMAZING!!

It is definitely your smartest portable storage solution, allowing you to carry a HUGE 16GB of your documents, spreadsheets, files, programs, photos, videos, music, and important back-up material, all in one extremely small device!

Just look at all this can hold! Amazing!

1 Up to 9600 Photos!
1 Thousands Of Documents And Files!
1 4000 MP3 Songs (that's over 8 days worth!)
1 48 Hours Of MPEG4 Movies!

Oh, and setup is soooo easy! For XP, Vista, and 7 computers, you just plug it and you're good to go. The drive will show up under My Computer. Just drag the files over you want to put on the drive! That's it!


Again, the price is AMAZING, so now's the time to buy! Just $22.97 and US shipping is FREE! $40-$60 retail!! It's crazy not to grab a few a this kind of price! Here's the link:

PS - We're not sure how long our inventory is going to last on these as it is a limited time deal! So, get to the site as soon as you can ~ before our supplier increases the price!!

Warning - The price will increase to $32.97 IF there's any left get to ordering!

Computers 101

Maggie from Milwaukee asks:

I watch Netflix online and am thinking about buying a Roku. Can you tell me anything about them?

Thanks for the question, Maggie. For several months, with no cable access where we live, and being too cheap to spring for a satellite dish, we watched Netflix on a TV connected to a laptop (not a particularly useful computer task). However, I recently received a Roku 2 XD as a gift and, technological pioneers that we are–3 1/2 years after they were introduced—a Roku now provides the Netflix gateway to our television.

The Roku 2 is the current evolution of streaming media players from Roku that, through a wireless connection delivers internet video to a television screen. The three styles (HD, XD, and XS) offer different features at different prices, with a range—at the time of this writing—of $60.00-$100.00. For example, the XS (the most expensive) offers an Ethernet port for wired Internet connection and a USB port from which videos, photos, and music can be accessed from a USB drive.


The actual device is about 3 1/4 inches square and comes with a remote.


Connection to the TV is through the HDMI or A/V Out ports. The Micro SD slot adds storage space.


The Remote

The remote incorporates an admirable simplicity, with only basic, essential controls, but that has its drawbacks. When typing is required, it’s done with an on-screen keyboard, using the arrow and selection keys. For that reason, it’s much easier to configure and update accounts on a computer and just access the preset information through the Roku. Once everything is in place, navigation with the remote is relatively easy.


Using the arrow keys, scroll to a channel and click the Options button to reveal the choices shown below.


Remotes with newer devices may also be equipped with buttons dedicated to accounts (Netflix, Pandora, etc.).


Roku requires payment information (credit card, PayPal) to activate the device. Not surprisingly, if this is mentioned at all in their promotional material, that mention is not very prominent, but it’s certainly something to consider before making a purchase. Based on online comments, many people consider this intrusion to be a dealbreaker.


On the setup screen, press OK


…to get the activation code.


At, begin the set up.

Once the online setup was complete, our Roku quickly made adjustments, and was ready to use almost immediately.

Click the Home button on the remote, make a selection, and you’re on your way.

So, there it is, Maggie. The device costs between $60.00 and $100.00. The current monthly charge for Netflix streaming is about eight bucks, and while their selection certainly won’t please everyone, the thousands of movies and TV shows available make it a pretty good deal for us. And, Netflix is only one of dozens of channels available through Roku. The next article will take a look at some of those channels and at navigation methods.


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MS Office

MS Office: Add Your Locations to the My Places Bar

Some people have one central location where they open Office files from on a regular basis… but others have several locations, and it’s a bit of a pain to constantly navigate from one location to another.

The more files you open, the bigger that pain becomes until it’s an all out headache.

You’ve got to be wondering if there isn’t a better way to accomplish all this navigation.

After all, Microsoft managed to put a list of locations that they thought would be useful on the left sidebar… why shouldn’t we be able to add ours since we’re the one who actually uses it?

Well, why not?

Actually you can, and I’m happy to let you know that it’s a very, very easy process… ahhh, if only everything were as easy as this…

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Tip of the Day

Disable Windows 7 Startup Sound

Let me put it to you this way: You know you pressed the power button on your computer, you know Windows is starting up, but does that necessarily mean you need an annoying sing-song chime to indicate that your machine has booted?

No, it doesn’t. So let’s learn how to make Windows 7 silent upon Startup!

Press Start, and in the Search Box type mmsys.cpl.


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Today's Feature

Jack asks:

How do I make a photo/music/data CD using Windows 7 Movie Maker, that will play on DVD/CD players? The ones I make will only play on computers. I am using an Acer Aspire with Windows 7 Home Edition.

Jack, if you thought you were missing something, you weren't. Currently, there is no way to burn a DVD directly from Movie Maker so that it will play on a standard DVD player. However, there is another free program on your computer called Windows DVD Maker, that was designed to do just that. Here's how you do it.

1. Create your movie(s) or photo slideshow(s) as normal in Windows Movie Maker, then click the options menu in the top left hand corner of your screen and select Save Movie, then Burn a DVD. Choose where you want to save your file, and click Save.

Burn in Movie Maker

To learn how to complete the DVD burning process, click here.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Internet Time Out

Do you hate it when your friends comment in all caps, or send you multiple e-mail forwards a day? Don’t you wish you could do something about it? I think we all know someone who deserves an internet time out and now you can send them one! I have to admit that when people comment in all caps really gets on my nerves.  I have long wished for a way to say something that would get the point across with the efficiency of putting a three year old in time out.

So how does internet time out work? Well you can either select a reason from the most popular list below the text box, or type in your own. Then click send, and the site will provide you with two links. One is a direct link to time out, and the other is a stealth link. Then post or e-mail the link to the person you are putting in time out. When they click on the link they will be shown the image of the little boy standing the corner in time out with whatever crime they’ve committed to earn their time out at the top of the page emblazoned on a red banner.

So who are you going to put in internet time out?


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Send it to Amanda at

Monthly Wallpaper

"Everyone Wants My Earbuds!"

Your Poor Ears Haven't LIVED - Till They've Tried On These Babies!


Take One Part Absolutely Remarkable Sound, One Part Ultra-Comfort...

And You Get THESE Phenomenal Earbuds!

Noise Reduction! Extra Bass!

Sends Every Other Set Of Earbuds Cryin' For Their Mommas!

If you've ever tried to listen music with hard plastic earbuds, you've probably had the same gripes that I've had with 'em. Yeah, they're lightweight but the trouble is your ear has to be just the right size to fit them. You have to jam them in your ear - hoping and praying that they stay. But they always end up falling out... so you have to jam 'em so far into your ear that they're REALLY uncomfortable.

That's why I was so excited found the PERFECT solution! We've just come across an incredible set that sound GREAT (YES...they're STEREO, have EXTRA BASS & are NOISE REDUCTION! ) and are VERY comfortable.

Let's face it, if earphones aren't comfortable, who cares how they sound, cuz you'll never wear 'em to ever find out! Well, these stream-lined earphones really deliver not only on great sound but comfort too!

Here's why these Stereo Earbuds work:

Each earpiece features a soft silicone earpad and they will fit in almost any ear. They create a slight suction - so when you place the earpiece in your ear it stays there ...comfortably, and doesn't fall out!

These truly are a have a great set of earphones that you can take where ever you go! In fact, you can use these at your computer desk if you're working on your computer late at night or early in the morning and you need to keep the sound down.

And the cord is long enough (4 foot) without being too long so as to get tangled and in the way (another small point but something I've noticed as a problem with other earphones I've tried!)

And in case you were wonderin', this is the common plug (3.5 mm) that fits into the front and your computer and most other audio devices, like portable radios, laptops, cd /dvd/mp3 players, iPods etc.

Do NOT let the low price fool you on this. We just happened to get a great deal on these so we're passin' along the savings! Believe it or not, today these are just $8.97 and shipping in the US is FREE!

PS - At this price, might want to consider picking up 2 or three of these so you have one at your computer, one in the car and one you can stick in your pocket or purse for walks or bike rides!

Warning - This price is set to increase soon! Don't pay $14.97 for 'em later - grab 'em today!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper!

Ready for November? Yeah, neither am I. However, time marches on and we have some new wallpaper for your to check out :)

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free. Head on over and check it out!

Mosquito Beach Stormy Rainbows

This was easily one of the toughest photos I’ve ever created.

It was taken one cold, rainy morning in Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore along Lake Superior - Mosquito Beach to be exact. I had backpacked in and set up camp to facilitate... (More)

Blue Hen Falls In Autumn

This is one I’ve been trying to bag for awhile – since my film days in fact! See, each time I’d stop to shoot the falls (usually in autumn), I’d end up with VERY little water flow. Instead of the nice robust waterfall you see here, I would typically... (More)

Stormy Sunset At Sleeping Bear

We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The first evening saw a sunset that was blocked by clouds, the second was clear and colorless, so this was our last chance. If we didn’t get something here... (More)

It can all be found here:

~ Steve



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