Thursday, 29 September 2011

10 Best Adsense Alternative For Earn Money From Blig

Why would you look for best ad sense alternatives? There are many reasons why people search for best ad sense alternatives. Your blog didn’t get approved for using adsense to display ad on it, you got banned for breaking ad sense’s rules and etc.
Although Google ad sense is the biggest and best well-known contextual advertising network, and there are thousands of bloggers who make money with ad sense, the sad truth is that so many bloggers aren’t able to use ad sense. If you are one of those bloggers, here are 10 of the best ad sense alternatives you can use to make money displaying ads on your blog:

Yahoo publisher Network Best ad sense alternatives- Yahoo publisher
Yahoo publisher is really the closes you can get to Google ad sense. But, one of the things that makes YPN not very appealing to a lot of people, is the fact that they rarely accept new publishers, or if they do, it takes a long time. Just like ad sense, with yahoo publisher, you have to reach $100 before you can request a payment.

ClicksorBest ad sense alternatives- Clicksor
Clicksor is one of the most trusted Google ad sense alternatives out there. You can choose from many different types of advertisement that fit the style and layout of your blog. They have a very speedy payment process. You can get paid either by check or instantly in pay pal with a minimum of $20.

AdBriteBest ad sense alternatives- Adbrite
AdBrite without a doubt is one fo the best alternative to ad sense. They offer ads in different forms such as text ads, banner ads, inline ads and in video ads. The good thing about AdBrite is that you can run it with ad sense as long as it looks different than ad sense. The minim required to request a payment is only $20, which is great compere to ad sense’s $100 minimum requirement.

ChitikaBest ad sense alternatives- Chitika
Chitkita is another great ad sense alternative which many bloggers use these days to monetize their blog. Again, you can run it with ad sense and the minimum payment is only $10.

BidvertiserBest ad sense alternatives- Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is by far the most similar ad network to ad sense. It offers contextual ads. You can also make money with their feed ads. Bidvertiser is specially good for blogs related to online money making. You can use it along side ad sense as long as it looks different. The minimum for payout is also $10.

WidgetBucksBest ad sense alternatives-  Widgetbucks
Widget Bucks is famous for its high payout. A lot of opportunities to make money. You can use it along ad sense. It has many different styles of ads. It specifically is good to use on sites with products and services as their topic, with a minimum payout of $50.

Text-Link-AdsBest ad sense alternatives- Textlinkads
TLA is a little different than normal contextual advertising sites. You can earn money by allowing them to place inline text advertisements on your blog. You can set your own price, which you want to charge for placing inline text advertisement in between your content. They offer very fast payments. Payments are sent via check with a minimum of $25. But, if you want to get paid by paypal, there is no minimum.

InfoLinksBest ad sense alternatives- Infolinks
Infolink is another great ad sense alternative specializing in In-Text Advertising. It basically turns the main keywords of your page, which aren’t linked to an advertising link. You can use infolink ads combine with any other kinds of ads. I think Infolink is growing fast and very soon it will be one of the In-Text Advertising. leaders. They pay via check or pay pal.

KonteraBest ad sense alternatives- Kontera
Kontera definitely is one of the best ad sense alternatives. It serves highly relevant In Text ads using its patented semantic engine that helps to truly understand the content of a page. Publishers are paid once a month (first week of the month) when they have reached the minimum required which is $50. You can get paid via by Check, PayPal, Wire transfers or ACH.

TNXBest ad sense alternatives- Tnx
The cool thing about it is that the price of each link placed on your page is calculated automatically. Few things factor in how the price is set. Things like category, PageRank of each page, link popularity, and how many outbound links your page has. Earnings are paid by PayPal, Webmoney, Check and Wire.

Although many of these advertising companies allow you to serve their ads with other companies ads, don’t stuff your pages with too many ads. It is a turn off for many visitors. You might think you will be able to make more money with more ads on your pages, but in most cases, a well placed ad can make you more money than 10 non relevant and out of place ads. And these 10 best ad sense alternatives are perfect for serving highly targeted and relevant ads that can help you earn more money with ads .

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