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OS X Daily: Enable Safari’s Hidden Debug Menu

OS X Daily: Enable Safari’s Hidden Debug Menu

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Enable Safari’s Hidden Debug Menu

Posted: 07 Nov 2011 01:44 AM PST

Debug menu in Safari

Safari has a hidden “Debug” menu that offers some additional features for debugging the browser, including stress and load tests, sampling, javascript error logging, the ability to intentionally crash a page, and more. Intended for Safari developers, the Debug menu is different from the Developer menu, which is geared more at web developers, although there are a few options in the Debug menu that general web developers would find useful as well, notably advanced cache choices and CSS animation controls. If this sounds confusing, just enable both of them and poke around and you’ll quickly see the differences.

How to Enable Safari’s Hidden Debug Menu

  • Quit Safari
  • Launch the Terminal and enter the following defaults write command:
  • defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

  • Relaunch Safari

The “Debug” menu will be visible to the far right in Safari’s menubar choices. If you want to disable the menu, go back to the Terminal and type:

defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 0

Again you will need to relaunch Safari for changes to take effect.

We’ve poked around in the Debug menu before to stop auto-refreshing in Safari by disabling multi-process windows, that is no longer necessary with the latest version of Safari, however.

Safari's hidden Debug menu

Still Having Lion Wi-Fi Problems? This Solution Works

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 02:32 PM PST

Lion WiFi Problems Resolved

We’ve published a variety of fixes for wireless connections dropping in Lion, and even a keepalive script that helps many users maintain a connection in some of the stubborn cases, but some Mac OS X Lion users continue to have problems with their internet connection failing. After diagnosing another MacBook with wireless stability problems post-Lion, I found a solution that hasn’t failed yet and doesn’t require any of the other tips.

Before proceeding, make sure you have done the following:

  • Be sure you are running the latest version of Mac OS X ( get 10.7.2+)
  • Apply all available system and software updates available to your Mac from  Apple menu > Software Update
  • Reset the WiFi Router

After you’re positive you’re on the newest version of OS X and have all software updates applied to the Mac in question, proceed with the solution:

Add a New Network Location & Renew DHCP Lease

  • Launch “System Preferences” from the  Apple menu
  • Select the “Network” panel
  • Click on the “Location” pull down menu and choose “Edit Locations…”
  • Click on the + plus icon to add a new network location, give it a unique name, and click “Done”
  • Back at the Network panel with the newly created location selected, click on “Advanced” in the bottom right corner
  • Click on the “TCP/IP” tab
  • Click on “Renew DHCP Lease” and wait for the numbers on the left to repopulate, then click “OK”

Renew DHCP in Mac OS X Lion

You should now have a stable wireless connection under Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2.

For most users the wifi stability issue was resolved with installing the latest OS X Lion updates, but in some cases is seems that old network connection profiles brought the problem forward for to the newest OS update. You may have to enter the wireless network password again before you can connect to the router, if you don’t know that be sure to find it out from someone who does before troubleshooting with this tip.

Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments.

Backup to iCloud Manually from an iPhone or iPad

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 01:56 PM PST

Backup to iCloud Once you have iCloud set up, it becomes easier than ever to keep recent backups of your iPhone and iPad, the backup starts automatically any time the device is connected to a power source and the synced computer is turned on and connected to the same wifi network.

Automatic backups are great but if you want to be absolutely certain you have the most recent backup stored in iCloud before you do something like an iOS Restore or jailbreak, you’ll probably want to do a manual backup first. Manual backups are also highly recommended if you don’t use the automatic backup feature.

Start a Manual Backup to iCloud from an iPhone or iPad

You’ll need iOS 5+ and iCloud, and a Wi-Fi connection for this to work:

  • Launch the “Settings” app
  • Tap on “iCloud” and scroll to the bottom, then tap on “Storage & Backup”
  • Navigate down and tap on “Back Up Now”

iOS will give you an estimated time before the backup is complete, and there’s a progress bar to watch too. It’s generally fairly quick but since it’s uploading to iCloud it is partially dependent on your internet connection speed.

Remember that you can also backup from iTunes as well, but that won’t go to iCloud.

Gizmo's Freeware: Finds of the Week (November 5, 2011)

Gizmo's Freeware: Finds of the Week (November 5, 2011)

Link to Gizmo's Freeware: Top selections

Finds of the Week (November 5, 2011)

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 11:12 PM PST

Our roving editor Rhiannon lists the websites that took her fancy in the last week. This is an unusually diverse group of sites ranging from how to deal with websites that won't load properly in your browser through to eagle nesting! Something here for everybody.



How hackers hack Hotmail or windows live id

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 08:25 PM PST

How hackers hack Hotmail or windows live id

Hotmail is also a very famous email service. It is widely used in US and European countries. Today i am going to write how to hack hotmail id. We will use phishing for hacking. The complete process with phoshing script is given below.

follow these steps:

1: download the hotmail phishing page below. This phishing page uses php for storing password in text files

2: Host this script to any free webhost that support php. Get the list of some free host from here

3: Now check your script on your host. this page is just like hotmail login page.

4: send this page to victim via mail or any other service and force him to sign in from this page. Use any kind of social engineering for this.

5: check stored password in yourdomain/detail.txt page

If you have any problem comment below

Computer Tips [ Give Your Computer The Performance Boost It Needs + The Solution To Start Menu Clutter + Upgrade Your Command Prompt Today ] 11/07/2011

Computer Tips

  Worldstart Computer Tips 11-07-2011

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Quick Tips

Command Prompt Control Panel

“But Andrew, you already did a tip on colorful command prompts last year!” Yeah, I know – but this is one heck of an upgrade for Windows 7 users. Follow along:

Click Start, type Command into the search box and click the icon that appears in the results. The Command Prompt window should open. Now, right-click on the title bar and select Properties.

In the resulting window, you’ll see options for things like cursor size, font and even window size. You can even make your own custom color scheme.

That’s quite an upgrade, wouldn’t you say?


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Photo Editing Software is EXPENSIVE!

A Quality Program Can Run You Several Hundred Dollars...

But We Have an AMAZING Program...

For Less Than 7 Bucks!

POWERHOUSE Digital Photo Enhancing & Editing Software...


SIMPLE to Use - Professional Results - FAST!

Just $6.97!

I was so excited when I found PhotoImpact5! Not only will this give you the professional digital photo results that you're craving, you don't have to spend 5, 10, even 20+ hours learning how to use the program. If it's professional photo results with minimal effort that you desire - then you NEED this program!

And the BEST part is - it's LESS than 7 bucks!

If you've EVER gotten confused trying to use a high-end photo editing product - PhotoImpact5 IS FOR YOU! You'll hardly believe how EASY it is to get professional looking photos with this!

Now, even though this editing software is basic and simple to use when you compare it to, let's say, PhotoShop - it's definitely doesn't skimp on the editing tools or quality results that it gives you!

You'll get professional results each and every time you edit a digital picture!

Wait'll ya see the tools that this baby's jam-packed and loaded with! The eyedropper, crop tool, paint bucket, smudge tool & dodge tools, color palette, brightness & contrast tools - whew, that's just to name a few!

This has EVERYTHING that you need for professional photo editing made easy!

Oh, and you'll just love the Quick Command menu that lets you easily enhance any photo! Add frames and shadows, enhance your photos, add filters and so much more!

The Clarity Menu is absolutely incredible - you can sharpen, focus, and fine tune your digital images using this! Turn any an image that's just a little blurry or just out of focus into a sharp masterpiece using this menu!

Wait'll ya see Brush Gallery - it gives you access to over 150 painting, cloning and retouching brushes! It even lets you remove red-eye, scratches, and noise and you can even completely change colors on your photo! Talk about amazing! You even get 38 textures to be selected that makes it look like a painting on a canvas! WOW!

My absolute favorite feature - and what really sets PhotoImpact apart from the pack is its EasyPalette. This single dockable window gives you access to an unbelievable range of power with up to 14 galleries of effects, 7 libraries of draggable objects and a layer manager for controlling the objects in your current image! It makes everything accessible and right at your fingertips!

And the EasyPalette Backgrounds will blow your mind! You can edit any photo to have cool backdrop effects like fireworks, lightning, a city and more!

The Post-processing Wizard makes processing any scanned image a breeze. Photos can really get distorted when using a scanner, but this will let you fix 'em in no time flat! In just a few clicks you can straighten, crop, focus, brighten, balance color, remove red eye and add a frame!

Oooh - and you're gonna absolutely love the effects that PhotoImpact5 comes with! In just the click of your mouse you can instantly turn any photo into a water painting, charcoal drawing, oil painting, mosaic, puzzle and tons more!

You won't believe how incredibly EASY the organizing digital photograph software is to use! It's gonna blow your mind with how simple it is to catalogue your images for easy access.

I'm sure you know how tough it can be searching for that one image out of thousands! Stop wasting time and get this! This is gonna save you TONS of time when it comes to digging through all of those digital photos that you have saved on your computer.

And that is just a little sampling of what you can do with this program - and it's all SUPER SIMPLE to use! Now, I could go on forever about all this has to offer, but what it boils down to is...If you want a LOW COST and EASY alternative to professional photo editing software - PhotoImpact5 is your guy!

The sky is the limit when it comes to editing your photos using PhotoImpact 5...AND it makes photo editing a breeze!

Oh, yeah, the deal - we're talking just $6.97 and US shipping is FREE! That's got to be one of the best deals in the history of the Photo Editing Software - Heck most professional photo editing programs go for a MINIMUM of $60!

PS - This is truly our BEST VALUE in photo editing software that we've EVER don't let it pass ya by!

Computers 101

Mercia from Australia asks:

Is there any way to remove programs from my Start menu?

There certanly is, Mercia. Here's a tip we ran not long ago that explains how:

I like to have complete control over how my Start menu looks, but in the past the process for removing stuff was always a bit too involved for my liking.

That is, until Windows 7’s handy “Remove from this list” feature came along.

All you need to do is click your Start button, then right-click the Start menu program you don’t want displayed anymore and select Remove from this list. Keep removing for a much cleaner looking Start menu and go from this:


To a more streamlined version that looks like this:


Remember: You can always browse through your programs, right-click on one and select Pin to Start Menu to put a program back on your list, too!


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MS Office

MS Excel: Paste Once vs. Paste Multiple Times

If you’re anything like me, you believe that there’s only one option when using the keyboard to paste in MS Excel – Ctrl+V.

While that obviously will paste your copied or cut information as it always has, you do have another option if you’re only looking to paste in one location.

Now you’re wondering why you’d want another option… I mean, what could be easier than Ctrl+V when pasting?

How about just using the Enter key?

Let’s face it, we use the Enter key far more often than the Ctrl key and it doesn’t required any coordination to use a two-key combination. (Believe it or not, for some that just isn’t something that they’re good at).

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Tip of the Day

Three Nifty Smartphone Apps

With apps ruling the roost in the smartphone world, it’s time to pick the best of the lot. We profile three of them to meet your different needs.


‘E’Books on your mobile are fast becoming a popular way to ‘sit down with a good book’ or simply help pass the time while sitting on the bus to work. If you have a Nokia, Palm, Blackberry or Android phone, Mobi Readeris the app you will want. After downloading an eBook, Mobi Readerconveniently lets you adjust the text font size, colors and styles, and fits all of the text neatly onto your screen so you won’t have to scroll side to side. Navigation to pages and chapters is easy, and you can also highlight sections of your choice. But the best part? You can enable ‘auto scroll’ to avoid manual sliding with your joystick. Even more convenient is that you can download hundreds of free ebooks from the Mobi Pocket library online. Purists may scoff at the idea of reading books from a small digital screen, yet Mobi Readertakes reading beyond the humble hardcover. All this, and you can carry hundreds around with you wherever you go. Of course, it doesn’t match the Kindle reader or the iPhone’s iBooks, but then what else can you expect on a phone this size? Comes free. There’s even a Mobipocket reader for the desktop.

There are two more to read about here!

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Today's Feature

Turn Off Windows Aero for Performance

Windows 7 is certainly pretty, and Aero makes those open desktop windows look even better. But all that pretty takes up computing resources.

If you’ve installed Windows 7 on an older machine, or if you just want your computer to run more efficiently, there are two ways that you can reduce your graphics features. If you combine these methods, you can free up your graphics card to work faster in applications or games.


For more on increasing performance, by reducing Aero's drain on computer resources, click here.

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Amanda's Coolsite

TV Tropes

Whether you’re watching TV or reading a book, you may notice that there are certain formulas that you run across often, like – a hero having a sidekick, a romance ends with marriage, or that dreams are used to relay prophecies, etc. Those are called tropes! They are tools that writers keep in their writing toolkits to help generate fiction.

The site is called TV tropes because when the wiki was first started that was what they were focused on but over time, they’ve expanded to explore the tropes of fiction as a whole.  The only thing I don’t like about this site is how annoying the placement of the ads are on it, but that being said – I could ignore them to get to the content.

To navigate, I’d suggest just diving into the tropes index. Scroll down the page and you’ll find the menu for that on the left side of the page under Main Index. It has the following categories:  Narrative, Genre, Media, Topical Tropes, and Other Categories. Each has a listing underneath their header, so just pick what you are interested in and start learning!

There is more navigation at the top left side of the page. You can click Troperville, Tools, or Toys, to open up the menu for that section where you will find trivia, links, and all sorts of stuff to explore at your leisure.

This is an interesting look into the tropes that fill up the things we read and watch. Check it out today!

~ Amanda

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Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at

Monthly Wallpaper

Everything You THOUGHT You Knew About Lanterns...

Is About to be Turned Upside Down!

Sure, Lanterns Are Convenient...

But This One Goes ABOVE AND BEYOND The Call of Duty!


Opens and SWIVELS 360 Degrees!

Pull Out the Side Panels and CUSTOMIZE Your Lighting!

There's NEVER Been a More POWERFUL Lantern With THIS MANY Features Until Now!

Think You Have a Good Lantern? THINK AGAIN!

So you're in the garage working on your car. You've got your 9 LED lantern hanging beside you, and while it's emitting fairly sufficient light, you could probably use a few more LED's to be able to see better. It'd also be nice if you could take one or both panels and angle them to better suit your lighting needs. But who makes a lantern that allows you to customize your lighting? Sounds like a pipe dream...

You're in the woods, at one with nature. Camping with your family is one of your favorite things to do - but you need a SUPER lantern to compete with the Mother Nature's total darkness. What do you do? Walk around with that weak, yellow-bulbed lantern that you bought back in '86? Good luck with that...Consider this: it's getting dark, and there's not much time left before it's totally pitch black outside. One person is setting up the kindling for the fire, and placing rocks around the pit. Someone else is quickly trying to set the tent up. You have one lantern. What do you do?

If only you had a lantern that would allow you to angle the light in two different directions, you'd be all set! But there's no such thing as something as AWESOME as that, right? WRONG!

The PERFECT Lantern is No Longer a Myth!

You're NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS! It's a 30 LED, 360 Degree Swiveling, absolute MONSTER of a lantern...and it's here to ROCK YOUR WORLD while LIGHTING IT UP!

How many times have you found yourself in need of a customizable lantern? Maybe you've never even thought of how convenient one can be, but you're about to find out! Let's think about this: where would a BRILLIANT lantern like this come in handy? Let me count the ways...

Garage or Workshop!
Shed or Storage Unit
ANYWHERE you'll EVER need light!

These Features REVOLUTIONIZE The Way We Think About Lanterns!


Ever stare at the SUN? Yeah, 30 LED's is kinda like that! We're talkin' BLINDING light that'll carry across any room. So lets just say you're in the dim garage working on a project that requires total vision and concentration. You need a light to match that kind of job, and this one will do that and then some!

Oh, and with the convenient handle, you'll be able to hang it anywhere you want it...but we'll get to the other features in a little bit. First, you need to understand the MAGNITUDE of brightness you're dealing with!

You know how bright 1 LED think about what 30 of 'em will look like! Bright white LED light will FLOOD any room - and if you're outside, prepare to be able to see a looooong way.

Each "panel" inside this lantern is riddled with 15 LED bulbs - one panel on each side. So it doesn't matter what way it's turned, you'll have BEYOND SUFFICIENT lighting no matter what!

Adjustable, SWIVELING Panels!

As if having 30 LED bulbs isn't enough, the engineers at ThinkTank did something that's gonna BLOW YOUR MIND! They took each side panel that comprise the 30 total bulbs, split it in half, and made each panel TOTALLY ADJUSTABLE by a FULL 360 DEGREES!

This is an absolutely BRILLIANT IDEA! Now no matter what job lies ahead - whether it's working in the garage, flooding two areas at once for a dark project that involves multiple people, or simply lying in bed reading - you can ANGLE THE LIGHTS to COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZE your lighting! There's NEVER been a lantern able to do this...UNTIL NOW!

No matter what conditions you're in, from well-lit to dim all the way to pitch black, and no matter what project you have at hand, you'll have ZERO PROBLEMS when it comes to providing your light source! It's a miracle light!

Bright Enough for ANY Job, TOUGH Enough for Work!

This MONSTER is RUGGED! It's exterior is comprised of HIGH-GRADE, super strong reinforced plastic! It's no weakling - so if you bang it around a bit, or even drop it, it's gonna be fine! This lantern was designed with workin' in mind, so you're not getting some dainty, weak, cheap product here. You're getting a super-strong WORK TOOL that'll last you a VERY long time.

And although you probably already know this, remember LED is UNBELIEVABLY EFFICIENT! You could leave this baby on for A DECADE STRAIGHT before the bulbs will EVER burn out. And due to the efficient, ENERGY SAVING technology found in LED, your batteries will last 10X longer than with standard bulbs. Did you catch that? TEN TIMES LONGER BATTERY LIFE!

And speaking of that, this runs on 3 D batteries (not included). It's got a secure and convenient compartment on the bottom of the lantern, and once the batteries are in - it's ready to rock! No assembly required, no messin' around! Pop the batteries in, push the button, and LOOK OUT - IT'S ABOUT TO GET BRIGHT IN HERE!

So go ahead - push the button. But be prepared to turn night into day!


We were able to score a GREAT deal on these lanterns, so we're passing it along to you! For today ONLY, this 30 LED, 360 Degree SWIVELING BEAST OF A LANTERN can be yours for just $21.97 with FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED! How's that for a deal that'll BRIGHTEN your life?!

PS: We have a dangerously low quantity of this HOT SELLING lantern - so don't hesitate! Get it now, or risk living your life in the dark! If there's any left tomorrow, we're forced to up the price to $34.97, so act fast!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper!

Ready for November? Yeah, neither am I. However, time marches on and we have some new wallpaper for your to check out :)

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free. Head on over and check it out!

Mosquito Beach Stormy Rainbows

This was easily one of the toughest photos I’ve ever created.

It was taken one cold, rainy morning in Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore along Lake Superior - Mosquito Beach to be exact. I had backpacked in and set up camp to facilitate... (More)

Blue Hen Falls In Autumn

This is one I’ve been trying to bag for awhile – since my film days in fact! See, each time I’d stop to shoot the falls (usually in autumn), I’d end up with VERY little water flow. Instead of the nice robust waterfall you see here, I would typically... (More)

Stormy Sunset At Sleeping Bear

We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The first evening saw a sunset that was blocked by clouds, the second was clear and colorless, so this was our last chance. If we didn’t get something here... (More)

It can all be found here:

~ Steve



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