Thursday, 29 September 2011

12 Websites where You Can Get Paid For Your Photos

This is a very interesting way to make some money. if you have a camera and think you can take quality pictures, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to generate a source of repeated revenue. people and businesses buy images for a number of different reasons, some need it for their website or blog, others need it for their ad campaign or their book or what have you. how many times you needed an image that you couldn’t find for free but there was plenty of it for a small price? well that’s the whole point and when you consider the number of world wide Internet users who might buy that image, it is so obvious that this is a simple but very effective revenue generating system.
Thanks to the numerous websites, today it’s easier than ever to earn money for your pictures and for the same reason there is a lot of competition of course. but remember, you ad your own style to your pictures which makes it a unique image and you never know what kind of work the photo buyers are looking for. best of all these websites wont cost you a dime to register with. upload your images and whenever one gets sold, depending on the specific website, you get a portion of the profit.
One of the best ways to maximize your revenue is the referral program. 80% of these websites offer referral reward, so take advantage of this opportunity to refer people both the image buyer and the image seller. don’t be shy to put your referral link in your blog or website or even in your email (please don’t spam others). i am a member of couple of the below sites and i am using my referral link to link to them. try to do something like that in your blog or website. there is nothing wrong with that. i belive as long as i am being honest and not referring people to the rip off sites or scamms, its ok to use my referral link in fact in a way you help others find the services they need.
Remember, claiming and selling images that are not yours is a crime and will have its consequences. ok, here are some of the most well known sites that you can use to sell your images.

1. shutterstock  There are three ways to make money with this program: refer photographers(earn 3 cents per photo sold by photographers you refer) , refer Stock Buyers (make 20% off their subscriptions), and submit photos for sale! (25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded. Once you reach $500 in earnings, your commission goes up to 30 cents per download).

2. istockphoto  Earn 20 % on prices ranging from $1 to $20 per can make up to 40% if you offer them an exclusive on your can also sell Audio,Video,Flash and Illustrations.

3. dreamstime  Earn 50-80% from each image sold. exclusive photos make you more money.

4. bigstockphoto  Make 30 cents to $3 per image sold. they have a list of photos that they need ,submitting photos in those categories will increase your earnings.

5. crestock    You will earn 20% commission with prices ranging from $5 to $15 per photo ,but as soon as you hit 100 sales, you’ll earn 30% commission . of course the more you upload the more you’ll sell. fast and easy uploading process.

6.  photostockplus   85% commission on all sales. you can host private galleries and you set your own prices. however, you pay 3.25%  processing fee on each  sale.

7.  123royaltyfree  Earn 50% on each photo downloaded. refer customers and earn 15% of their purchase or subscription. refer photographers and earn 10% of the price of each of their photo downloaded.

8. veer You set your own prices For every image that’s sold on a standard or product license, you will receive a royalty of 30%. If you allow your image to be downloaded on subscription, you will receive 30 cents per download.Once you make $10 in royalties, you will be paid in paypal.

9. fotolia  Get paid an average of 50% on each image downloaded. you get paid by pay pal and Money booker, however wire transfers are offered in countries where pay pal and money booker are not supported.

10. shutterpoint  ShutterPoint offers the highest payout rate on the internet. 85% for Full Royalty-Free License. 70% for Standard Royalty-Free License. when you reach $50 you can get it in paypal or by check .

11. clustershot  Your free to submit any photos without the fear of not being approved. you can set a price or be open to offers. they get 12% of the sale price and you get the rest automatically  in paypal when your account reaches $100, however you can request payout earlier but they will charge a small fee for payments less than $100.

12. stockxpert  You get paid 50% of each sale,by paypal, money booker or check. which means you can earn $7.50 after each XXL size download and $10 after each super high quality vector download! you can even earn $50 per sale by offering extended licenses for your images.

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