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Computer Tips [ The Added Security Your Computer Needs + Get The Storage Space You Need - Now + A Faster Way To Change Your Folders ] 10/26/2011

Computer Tips

Worldstart Computer Tips 10-26-2011

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Quick Tips

Quick Folder Options

We’ve talked about hidden files before, right? Browse to the Control Panel, click folder options, blah, blah, blah. Practically drilled into our head by this point eh? Well, let’s put the Windows 7/Vista Search Bar to work then, shall we?

If you’re switching back and forth between showing hidden files and re-hiding them, then taking a step out of the process should be welcome. So, instead of slogging through menus to get to the Folder Options, why not just type in “folder” in the Search Bar?


The very top selection that pops up will be “Folder Options”.


Why go through the hassle when you can be there now?


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A Communication REVOLUTION is Here...

And It'll COMPLETELY Change The Way You Do E-Mail!

V-Mail Records Your Voice Message...

And Sends it As an MP3 to ANY E-Mail!

Unlimited Message Time...MP3 Format...EASY TO USE!

No Special Software Required - Anyone Can Receive Your Messages!

If You Can Speak and Push a Button...You Can Do it!


E-mail is a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and family. It's free, it's fun, it's been around since the internet began! Remember how excited you used to get when you booted up and heard that friendly voice tell you that "You've Got Mail?"

Only problem is, typing e-mails can take a long time! Maybe you're super popular, maybe you're always busy, or maybe you're just a really slow typer. So e-mailing can go from fun to tedious in no time if you have about 10 e-mails to reply to and not enough hours in the day to do them. After a while, it starts affecting the way you communicate because you don't have the time nor hand-strength to be as articulate as you'd like.

There's GOTTA be a better way...right?

There is - And it'll Change Your Life!

Let's just get this outta the way now: THIS THING IS AWESOME! Sometimes a piece of technology comes along that changes the way we do EVERYTHING! This is one of them.

What's it do? V-Mail is a recording device program that you hook up to your computer. It's simple to hook up, and once installed, it does three things: records your voice message and converts it to MP3, and then allows you to send the message with one click as an e-mail! It's that simple! You'll NEVER have to type an e-mail again, and no matter who you send it to, they'll be able to open the message and listen to the MP3!

Never again will you have to sit at your computer cramping up your hands and wasting your precious time! IF YOU CAN SAY IT, YOU CAN SEND IT!

The Best Part?

IT'S SIMPLE TO USE! You'll be walked through the SUPER-EASY set up, and once it's ready, all you have to do is sit there and talk. There is NO TIME LIMIT on the messages you send, so no matter what you have to say, it'll be recorded and sent! Not only will this make it simple for you, anyone receiving your messages can sit and listen instead of trying to decipher what you've typed!


Press "Record" and record your message...
Hit "Send" and it'll AUTOMATICALLY attach your voice message to an e-mail in your favorite e-mail client...
Click the "Send" button in your e-mail. CONGRATULATIONS! You've just sent a V-mail!
That's it!


Don't Send "Letters..." Send Your Voice!

So whether you're a business person, or just using e-mail to keep in touch with friends and family - this is MUCH more personable, and it makes online communications a breeze!


So don't worry - nobody has to have a special type of software or anything - this thing is SIMPLE! It'll send just like a regular e-mail, and when the person you sent it to opens it, it'll simply open as an MP3 file and AUTOMATICALLY play!

Typing an E-Mail is Now COMPLETELY Obselete!

Keeping in Touch Has NEVER Been So Awesome!

Thanks to this new piece of technological ingenuity, you'll be able to communicate CLEARLY and EFFECTIVELY without EVER having to sit at your keyboard and type! Think of the time you'll save, the hand-cramps that you WON'T get...the CLEAR communication...IT GETS NO BETTER THAN THIS!


Talk about cool - this thing will fit in the palm of your hand! It will take up almost none of your desk space, sitting perfectly next to your lap top or desk top computer - and after the SIMPLE initial set up, sending a "V-Mail" is AS SIMPLE AS RECORDING AND SENDING! Yeah...two buttons and you're done!

Oh, and just another little cool fact - this also works with any MP3 player! So if you have a content specific "V-Mail," like giving directions on how to get somewhere - whoever you send it to can drag and drop the file onto their MP3 player and take it with them on the road! It's a communication revolution!

And It's Yours For an Amazing Price!

Today we're feeling CRAZY. We'll let this AMAZING new take on E-Mail go for the ULTRA LOW PRICE of just $24.97 with FREE US SHIPPING! Go ahead and scour the web if you want. You will not find it cheaper anywhere else!

PS: Yes, you guessed it - we have a limited quantity of these on hand, and if we don't sell out of them today, we have to up the price to $32.97 tonight. The choice is yours. Get it now!

Please Note: due to the incredible price we're offering, we unfortnately cannot accept coupons for this item.

Computers 101

Wayne in North Carolina asks:

How do I uninstall Open Office?

Hello Wayne, and thank you for the great question. You’ll be glad to know it is very easy to uninstall Open Office from your computer and it only takes a few minutes.

Click the Start button in the lower left corner, and then click Control Panel. Click the Uninstall a Program link below Programs.

Click Uninstall a Program below Programs and Features.

Find Open Office in the list of programs and click it one time to select it. Click the Uninstall link at the top of the screen.

Click Yes when you are asked if you are sure you want to uninstall Open Office. When the User Account Control dialog box opens, click Yes.

Open Office will start to uninstall from your computer. This may take a few minutes to complete. There will be a progress bar showing you the time remaining.  When the dialog box disappears, Open Office is completely uninstalled from your computer.

We hope this tip has been helpful for you.


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MS Office

MS Word: Deleting Only a Placeholder in Your Equations

If you use Word’s Equation Editor then you’ve probably run up against a situation where you had a placeholder… say a superscript on an item…


then changed your mind and decided that you didn’t need the superscript at all.

What happened when you tried to delete just the superscript placeholder?

It made you delete the whole thing didn’t it?


Well, unknown to many it doesn’t have to be that way.

Find out how by clicking here!

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Tip of the Day

How to Mount a Drive in Windows 7

Mounting is an advanced disk management technique by which you can map an empty folder on any other hard disk partition. Let’s say you used to work on an important folder present inside the C drive, but now the drive has no space left. Now you are unable to create or copy any new file inside the folder of C drive. By using the mounting feature, you can create new empty subfolders within the important folder, and mount any other drive of your computer to that subfolder.

In other words, mounting creates a link between two different drives. You can easily create or save any new file inside your favorite folder, because now the space used will be that of the mounted drive. This is a step by step guide to mount and dismount a drive in Windows PC.

How to mount a drive

Click the Start button and then right click on Computer and select Manage.


There's more here!

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Today's Feature

COMODO Firewall FREE Part 1: Initial Setup

While a proper antivirus program (such as COMODO Antivirus) is essential to keeping your computer safe and virus free, there is another additional piece of software that is just as important to securing your computer from malicious hackers and rogue programs: the Firewall.

In its most basic form, a firewall will monitor and stop unauthorized entry into, or exit from, your computer from/to any external networks (such as the internet) thereby protecting your system from attacks and intrusions. While some firewalls give you only the most basic protection from such threats, COMODO firewall goes above and beyond by providing a wealth of options to fully secure your computer with ease; all for FREE! How do you take advantage of COMODO’s free firewall options? Read on:

Step 1. Normally, you will want to run only a single firewall on your computer at any given time; as running more than one Firewall increases the likelihood of major conflicts and problems between the firewalls. That said, if you have a firewall from another software vendor (such as Norton or McAfee) uninstall or disable it before proceeding.

If you have not previously installed a firewall you may still have one installed without your knowledge: the “Windows Firewall” which is installed by default with most versions of Windows. To shut off the Windows Firewall, perform the following:

Step 1-1. Open the Start menu by clicking on the “Start” button.

Step 1-2. Click “Control Panel.” the Windows control panel appears.

Click here for the rest!

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Amanda's Coolsite

The Happy Cooker's Recipes

Welcome to the Happy Cooker’s Recipes, where you will find a ton of great recipes to try out.  The site has music and I couldn’t find a way to turn it off, so if you’re at work you might want to turn your speakers off, or mute your sound from the volume control panel.

Navigation is easy. You can use the navigational tabs across the top of the page to check out the following recipe sections: Appetizers, Breads, Casseroles, Cookies and Bars, Desserts, Main Dishes, Salads, Soups, Vegetables, and Miscellaneous.

There is also a navigation strip just beneath those tabs for the following sections:

Recipe of the Week – here you’ll find the featured recipe of the week. You can print it out and give it a go.

Recipe of the Month – here you’ll find several recipes that are featured for the month. The tip roast with veggies looks really good. I’m going to try that one out.

Cookies – here you’ll find the cookie recipe of the month.

Eating for Life – here you’ll find a healthy recipe blog that is still being updated as of the 18th of October. You’ll find tips for eating healthier.

What’s New – this section tells you what is new to the site, or what recipe is coming soon.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe – if you would like to sign up for the newsletter you can do so here, if you decide you no longer want it, you can also unsubscribe here.

FAQ – if you have questions this is the place to head. You’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions answered here.

I love the wide assortment of the recipes here, and I hope you will too! Check it out today!


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Monthly Wallpaper

Want TOTAL Audio Freedom?

Love LOUD Action Movies? LOUD Music? LOUD Sports?

Tired of Being Yelled at for Disturbing the Peace?

Grab These WIRELESS Headphones, Plug in the Transmitter...


Plug Transmitter into Your iPod, MP3 Player, Computer, CD Player, TV...

SUPER-COMFORTABLE, Crystal Clear Audio, Light-Weight - AWESOME!



Grab Your Pair Now!



It's Sunday. You're watching football, your wife is reading, and the kids are napping. You've already been yelled at twice for having the game on too loud, but you can't hear it! What's the fun of watching football if you can't hear the hits? The commentators? The crowd? Talk about taking the life outta the sport...

It's late. Being a night owl, you're up watching that old Sylvester Stallone action movie. You're enjoying it in all it's LOUD glory - gunshots, explosions and all, when all of the sudden you're in trouble again! Everyone in the house is now awake and yelling at you to turn it down...

You're trying to ROCK OUT...well, you get the idea, right? It's gonna be too loud. Ready for a change?

Convenience + Quality + Luxury = Wireless Behind the Head Headphones

Your audio problems are over! Now, regardless if you're trying to ROCK OUT to some music, watch the big game, catch that new action flick - whatever, you won't be disturbing anyone! How is this possible? Good question.

These headphones come with a transmitter. Plug it into your iPod, MP3 Player, Computer, CD Player, TV, Stereo or ANYTHING else that gives audio, and that's it! Throw in some AAA batteries, turn on the device and your headset, and you're all set! Push a button and listen to it ALL as LOUD AS YOU WANT!


Due to the GREAT RANGE that you can get with these, you'll be able to use them from your back yard! So consider this: it's fall and football season is in FULL swing.

The problem? You've gotta rake the leaves. NOT A PROBLEM! Plug your transmitter into the television, turn on your headphones, and you're all set! Now you can listen to the game while you work in the yard! Isn't technology awesome?

Maybe it's just a gorgeous day, and you want to enjoy a beverage on your back porch while listening to music. Again, same thing: plug the transmitter into your iPod, stereo, whatever...turn on your headphones, and enjoy yourself in your back yard!


It's all in the design! They're lightweight - you won't feel like you have a football helmet on! These were designed with leisure in mind, so you won't be getting a neck ache from wearing them all day.

They go BEHIND your head - that's right, the band that keeps 'em on your head doesn't sit on top of your dome like conventional no more messy hair and no tangling. You'll also be very pleasantly surprised by how secure they feel - without being tight or uncomfortable! Check out the picture above, or take a gander at the mannequin to the left. See how happy they both look?

They COULDN'T be That Inexpensive, Could They?

THEY ARE!  Here at Worldstart, when we score a great deal on a sweet product, we pass it along to the people who make this business possible - you! 

So for today only, these Wireless Behind-The-Head Headphones can be yours for just $14.97 with FREE US SHIPPING! 

That's right...just $14.97!

PS - Yes - you guessed it! This is a limited quantity deal, so you don't wanna wait! You just know these are about to FLY out of here, so get your set now before we sell out or before the price heads up to $24.97 tonight.

Monthly Wallpaper

October Wallpaper!

Quick Note - I didn't have time to actually get new fall photos ready - I know, I suck.

So, anyhow, I'm featuring a couple new images, plus a "classic" that DOES have some fall color. Also, there are a number of other non-featured images at the site that are just overflowing with fall color if you really have your heart set on some colorful leaves. Plus, there's a new photo or two that have been added that aren't featured, so lots to choose from.

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free. Note that the wallpaper is now on the new site, Backcountry Gallery, so head on over and check it out!

Split Rock Moonrise

The day this was created was the day after the full moon, with moonrise coinciding with sunset pretty closely. I knew from checking my compass that the moon would be in a good location, but you can imagine my disappointment when... (More)

Early Morning At Bond Falls

We had scouted this area out the day before and the image you see before you was the one idea that kept sanding out in my mind. From the bridge, I knew if I could talk myself into wading out into the chilly river I’d likely have... (More)

Mule Deer Buck In A Stream

Oh, man, this is a great story!

So, we were driving though Yellowstone from Mammoth to Cook City like we’ve done a hundred times before and we spot a pair of stunning mule deer bucks near a stream. Can’t resist that! We park the truck and grab our gear – of course THAT attracts attention from... (More)

It can all be found here:



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