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Computer Tips [ A 10-Pack Of Tips You Need To Know + File Size Too Big? We Have The Fix + Computer Hide And Seek - Find Those Hidden Files Now ] 11/09/2011

Computer Tips

Worldstart Computer Tips 11-09-2011

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Quick Tips

How to Zip Stuff

Say you have many files that all need to be e-mailed, but A: You don’t want to add them one at a time, and B: You don’t think all of them will be within the recipient’s e-mail size limits.

What do you do?

Why zip ‘em up, of course!

Sure, we’ve all heard the term, but I couldn’t find a pre-existing tip on Worldstart that actually explains how you do it! So, let’s solve that problem!

If you’re running an operating system newer than Windows 98 (and you should be!), browse to the folder where the files you want to zip are at. (If the files are in different places, you should copy and paste each one into a new folder. You’re going to need them all together to do this.)

Now highlight the files by either drawing a box around them or by holding the Ctrl key and selecting each of them. Once you have all of the ones you want to zip up highlighted, Right-Click one of them, go down to “Send to” and choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”.


Like magic, your highlighted files will appear in one convenient package. If you don’t like the name Windows gives your zipped folder, just highlight it and press F2 to rename it!

If you don’t want to use the built-in Windows zip utility, there are also third-party programs like WinZip and WinRar, that have more features, like the ability to set the compression size and file extension.

All zipped up!


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New Computer? GREAT!

How Will You Transfer Files and Programs Over From Your Old One?

A Transfer Cable, You Say?

OK - But Transfer Cables ONLY Transfer Files!

What About ALL of Those EXPENSIVE Software Programs?

What's The Matter? Why Are You Freaking Out?!

We've Got EXACTLY What You Need!


Move EVERYTHING Over to Your New PC: Files AND Software Programs!


Save Yourself HOURS - Even DAYS of Hassles - and a TON of Money!

Works With WHATEVER YOU'VE GOT - XP, Vista, Windows...

Can You Push a Button? THEN YOU CAN DO THIS!


A Frightening Little Story...

Bill just got a new computer. He's SUPER excited, and can't wait to get it booted up. Slamming the door behind him and throwing his keys on the table, he rushes to the living room and starts to unbox that shiny new PC.

In walks his roommate, Fred. Fred knows a thing or two about computers and has no problem giving Bill advice - even though he can be quite smug about sharing his knowledge...

"Hey Fred! Check it out - I FINALLY got a new computer!" Bill says, eagerly awaiting approval from his nerdy roommate. "It's SO much better than my last one. I can't WAIT to get everything transferred over from that old piece of junk!"

"Well Bill" Fred says in a smug, all knowing voice, "that's a nice idea and all, but how are you going to transfer everything over just using that old transfer cable of yours?"

With his face starting to redden, Bill stammers "Wait...wha-what do you mean how? I've got that cable'll do the trick, right Fred? RIGHT?"

"Wrong!" Fred laughs. "That thing'll only transfer over your files. What about all of that expensive software you've invested so much money in, Bill? What about that? How do you think you'll get that transferred over?"


After letting Bill suffer in silence for a few moments, Fred introduces Bill to LAPLINK PC MOVER WITH CABLE...

The most INGENIOUS program EVER created for PC users!

If you are planning on getting a new PC any time in the near future - LapLink PC Mover is AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE! If you're buying a new computer with Windows 7 on it - it's even MORE important that you have this! Here's why!

Move EVERYTHING From Your Old PC to Your New One With EASE!

This awesome software lets you transfer everything - from your files to your software programs - onto your new computer. Most transfer cables only let you transfer over old files...but what about all of that IMPORTANT software that you've spent a FORTUNE on?

Moving files is simple - moving software is not. In fact, it's nearly impossible!


When most software is installed, you get components and pieces of the software scattered all over your hard drive .

Manually finding every part and putting it back on a new computer, placed where it should be and registered with Windows is almost impossible.


This is the ONLY program on the planet that allows you to do an upgrade from XP to Windows 7 while keeping ALL of your files and software!

Why? Because for some reason, Microsoft will NOT support a direct upgrade path to Win7 from XP. You can buy it, but once you install it - you're in for a nasty surprise! You'll be told that ALL of your software is now gone, and that it'll try to relocate it. It can't. Hope you backed everything up..

That's right - if you're using XP (and some versions of Vista) the "upgrade" to Windows 7 will DUMP ALL YOUR SOFTWARE!!!

GUESS WHAT? This is the ONLY software that solves that HORRIBLE problem!

Everything will be there when you've finished, and all of your data will be where it should be! LapLink PC Mover is like a MIRACLE!

The Test Results BLEW US AWAY!

Before we get started on a test run for you, just know this: all you need to know in order to successfully run this program to click your mouse!

Step 1: install the software on both PC's

VERY EASY! Now just attach them with the INCLUDED USB cable. SIMPLE!

Ready to start making decisions? Go ahead! Exclude any files you don't want to keep. Wanna keep all of your data file folders? Leave the check marks in the little boxes, and they'll be kept!

Step 2: Let LapLink scan and find ALL of your old software!

When it's done, it'll give you a list with check boxes - leave checks in the ones you want to transfer over to your new PC. It's THAT EASY! Being able to select only the programs you want to transfer is AMAZING!

Oh, it even tells you when you already have the same software on your new PC (this program will not overwrite existing files, so you don't need to worry about data loss).

Step 3: Walk away and let LapLink do it's thing!

Once you've selected everything you want transferred over, your job is done! Now LapLink will AUTOMATICALLY transfer EVERYTHING you asked it to!

This obviously takes some time - especially if you're transferring large amounts of date. No big deal! The easiest solution is to let it run over night - when you get up in the morning, your new computer will be decked out and ready to go!



The software is upgradable to the newest version whenever you decide to make the switch! So, if you're planning on a new PC anytime in the future, grab this title now and stick it on your shelf!

If PC Answers Magazine says it's awesome...IT IS!

"Instead of messing around with program installation and data copying , PCmover is the ideal tool for anyone making the change to a new PC."
PC Answers Magazine


You're not going to find this for anywhere less than 60-80 bucks anywhere...except at Worldstart!

For today only, this BRILLIANT program can be yours for just $16.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!

PS: Remember, you can get this software now, while it's still available, and not buy your new PC until next year...or how ever long you want - and this program will automatically upgrade itself to the newest version when you install it. How sweet!

Computers 101

Virginia from Fairfield Bay, AR asks:

Is Open Office a different program than Office 2010?

I guess in honor of the upcoming holiday season, I should start this off by saying “Yes, Virginia… there IS a difference.”

Several differences, actually.

In this corner… the reigning “champeen”; the Office program used by… well… almost everyone.  Weighing in at 94 to 313 pounds (that’s 150 to 500 U S dollars)… OFFICE 2010!

In this corner… the scrappy young challenger… weighing in at 0 pounds (that’s FREE in U S Dollars)… it’s OPEN OFFICE!

Open Office is a Microsoft Office compatible office program put out by Oracle, the people who brought you Java.  The best selling point as I mentioned above is that Open Office is absolutely free.  The programs in the suite are Open Office Base (compatible with Microsoft Access, only included in the $500 Office Professional or as a stand-alone program for $140), Calc (compatible with Excel, included in all versions of Office), Draw (compatible with Paint, included with all versions of Windows), Impress (compatible with Power Point, included in all versions of Office), Math (an advanced version of the calculator included with all versions of Windows) and Writer (compatible with Word, included with all versions of Office).  I’ll use Writer and Word as my examples here since, as a freelance writer, I am the most familiar with those programs.

A document created in Writer can be saved as everything from an Open Office Writer document (.ODT) to Microsoft Word 2003 XML document (.XML).

A Microsoft Office document, on the other hand, gives you a few more options for saving, including several web page options and Adobe PDF.

Another big difference, at least as far as I’m concerned, is the interface.  I, for one, staunchly refused to upgrade my Office suite from Office 2003 until this year.  Why?  Because with Office 2007 Microsoft introduced an “upgrade” to their program called the “Ribbon Interface”.  This replaced their long-standing and easy to use “menu interface” with something that, as near as I can tell, was designed entirely by programmers and focus groups without consulting with a single user.

Now, I WILL admit that, having used the “ribbon” interface for nearly six months… I still see no real advantage over the menu interface, and still get frustrated trying to find things that I’ve known how to find for ten years.  It’s a little like getting a new roommate who immediately decides that they have to “organize” your apartment.  Whether you want them to or not.

This is a definite advantage of Open Office over Office.  They have not, as of yet, adopted the “ribbon” interface, and maintain the good old-fashioned menu interface that we all know and love.

So those are the high points.  For price and ease of use, I give it to Open Office.  For power and versatility I still have to go with good old Microsoft Office.

Hope this helps.

~Randal Schaffer

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MS Office

MS Word: Paragraph Formatting With Your Keyboard

We all know that if we want the first line in a paragraph to be indented you simply use the Tab key.

In addition, many of us are familiar with the alignment shortcuts:

Ctrl + L will left align a paragraph

Ctrl + E will center a paragraph

Ctrl + R will right align a paragraph

Ctrl + J will justify a paragraph

There are more here!

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Tip of the Day

Ten Mini Tips

I was looking through my files the other day and came across a variety of “mini” tips and I thought I’d share some of them with you. They include tips on operating systems, word processors, e-mail, browsers, and Windows Explorer. I hope you can get some use out of some (if not all!) of them.

Note: Even if a tip says it’s for “WinXP”, try it in Vista, or Win7. Some of them do work in different versions. This also goes for different versions of Word, Outlook, etc.

Tip #1: Search for a file within Microsoft Word. (Office 2002/Office XP)

If you would like to work on a document in Microsoft Word and you don’t know where it is, you don’t have to automatically go to the search feature for your operating system. Open up Word, go up to the very left-hand corner, left-click on File, and in the drop-down menu click on Open. You are now looking at a box with files. Go up to the very top right corner and left-click on the little down arrow next to Tools. At the top you will see Search. Click on it and it will open a search box. Now you can search for anything you need to!




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Today's Feature

Using the Command Prompt to Reveal Hidden Files

Some viruses leave behind nasty side effects, even when your antivirus program has cleaned the actual virus from your computer. If your desktop icons are missing and your C: drive appears blank, don’t panic — your files haven’t gone permanently AWOL. Common viruses, such as the Windows 7 Recovery virus, will hide your files in an attempt to coerce you into paying for the virus’s removal. When you view your desktop or click on your C: drive, it may appear that all of your files have been deleted, but they haven’t — the virus has simply hidden them. You can restore them easily using a simple command prompt trick that works in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your task bar. Type cmd in the search box at the bottom of the menu and press Enter. If you’re using Windows XP, click Run and type cmd into the Run box.

You will see this screen:

Command prompt

Get the command here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

The Pie Doctor

Fall is fully upon us here in Ohio, and that means not only is it finally cold enough to start baking pies regularly to keep the house warm and our bellies full, but that it is also apple season! One of my best friends calls this “pie baking” season!

Now, I’m not a huge fan of eating apple pie, honestly I’d much rather just eat the apple itself, because the texture of cooked apples is weird to me, but I have to admit I like to bake apple pies to give away or take to events.  If you’ve ever baked pies before or had the misfortune of eating a bad pie, you know that sometimes things can go wrong. Enter the Pie Doctor!

Today’s Cool Site is all about diagnosing what went wrong with your pie from its symptoms and then getting a remedy to fix that error in the future! It is easy to navigate through the twelve different pie symptoms and remedies, just click on the arrows next to the image.

Beneath image you’ll find a symptom, a diagnosis of what went wrong, and then advice on how you can remedy the problem. You’ll also find a slew of pictures that will definitely have you craving pie after visiting this site!

And if you’ve never made pie dough from scratch check out the related video How to Make Pie Dough under the pie remedies section!


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Monthly Wallpaper

Do You Want Hi-Def, 3D Sound For Your Computer?

TIRED of That Tinny, Garbage Sound Spewing From Your Speakers?


Brilliant Audio Adapter Converts Analog Signals...


We're talking 7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound!

This is Pure Audio Luxury...

In a Small, POWERFUL Little Package!

Hear It The Way It Is Supposed To Sound!

Terrible Audio is WORTHLESS!

So, have you ever noticed that CD's don't sound quite as clear when playing them in your computer as they do on your stereo system? And if you've ever watched a DVD on your computer...I'm sure you'd agree the sound quality is not the same as it would be coming from your TV.

That's because the sound card that comes in your computer is a very basic run of the mill sound card, which doesn't produce the best audio.

You NEED this incredible 7.1 audio sound adapter!

Just plug this little adapter into a USB port on your PC or laptop and then plug in your speakers, headphones, or microphone to this adapter...your ears won't know what hit them! The adapter even has a volume control and mute button for extra fine tuning.

You won't believe the difference that this little adapter makes in sound quality and clarity!! This little guy gives you quality 7.1 channel virtual surround sound! Let me just say that...

I could have swore that I put on an entire set of surround sound speakers to my laptop!!

You will be hearing everything the way it is suppose to sound versus that slightly cloudy, fuzzy mess that comes out of your typical computer speakers.

With this adapter you'll convert that crappy analog signal into a hi-def, 3D digital that for an incredible listening experience?

Better yet 7.1 is the most advanced listening technology you can find,it is more advanced than your standard DVD 5.1 audio! Now you know, you will be getting the most elite listening experience with this awesome adapter!

Never again will you have to go scrambling around on your hands and knees searching for that so inconvenient microphone jack on the back of you PC either...this makes it convenient, since it plus into any USB port!

And the cost is gonna blow your mind - just $13.97 and US Shipping is Free! Experience amazing sound - order yours now!

PS - Don't miss out on this great offer - the price is headed up to $24.97 tonight! Your ears will thank you!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper!

Ready for November? Yeah, neither am I. However, time marches on and we have some new wallpaper for your to check out :)

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free. Head on over and check it out!

Mosquito Beach Stormy Rainbows

This was easily one of the toughest photos I’ve ever created.

It was taken one cold, rainy morning in Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore along Lake Superior - Mosquito Beach to be exact. I had backpacked in and set up camp to facilitate... (More)

Blue Hen Falls In Autumn

This is one I’ve been trying to bag for awhile – since my film days in fact! See, each time I’d stop to shoot the falls (usually in autumn), I’d end up with VERY little water flow. Instead of the nice robust waterfall you see here, I would typically... (More)

Stormy Sunset At Sleeping Bear

We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The first evening saw a sunset that was blocked by clouds, the second was clear and colorless, so this was our last chance. If we didn’t get something here... (More)

It can all be found here:

~ Steve



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