Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Computer Tips [ Essential Firewall Alerts - What Do They Mean? + Moving Your Windows Is A Snap + Is Your Email Client Missing A Vital Component? ] 11/16/2011

Computer Tips

Worldstart Computer Tips 11-16-2011

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Quick Tips

Using Arrow Keys For Aero Snap

Windows 7 has quite a few neat tricks up its sleeve! Today’s tip is not only useful, but fun to mess around with, too!

So, open up a program (just about any one will do), and hold your Windows key ( the Windows key is the one located between your Ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard and has the Windows logo emblazoned on it).

As I said, hold your Windows key and press one of the direction arrows on your keyboard.


Windows Key + Left Arrow – Snaps the current window towards the left side of the screen.

Windows Key + Right Arrow – Snaps the current window towards the right side of the screen.

Windows Key + Up – Maximizes the current Window.

Windows Key + Down – Send the current Window to a compact state. Press again to minimize. Note: Once the window is minimized, you need to click on it again if you want to access it.

Remember: This trick is only for Windows 7 users. Everyone else is just going to have to use their mouse, I guess!


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One GOOD LOOKIN' Strontium Flash Drive...


JUST $22.97!

Tough As Nails! Awesome Design! It Gets NO Better Than This!

We've NEVER Sold 16 Gigs for This Ridiculously Cheap!

You Can Pay $40 - $50 Somewhere Else...


When we got the new pricing for these, we were completely blown away!! I have seen 16Gb flash drives go for at least $50 all over the place! I've had staff - and even some friends - say things like "Really, these are 16GB's - brand new?" My answer is always the same - "Yep - you got it!"

These are AWESOME
16 Gig Strontium Flash Drives and they are gonna FLY outta here!

I just did some checking around to see what 16gb flash drives are going for retail right now - here's what I found: the "big box" stores are getting no less than $40 - $50! So when I say it's pretty amazing that we're able to do these for less than $23, you know that's not just a line, it's a fact!!

STRONTIUM is a KNOWN Name Brand - This beast is NOT a Generic!

These aren't second rate drives, they're Strontium drives so you know they're top of the line!

Plus - With 16 GB of space, it's like the Grand Canyon of flash drives! This is equivalent to carrying around 20- Count it -20 - CD-Rs!!

That's AMAZING!!

It is definitely your smartest portable storage solution, allowing you to carry a HUGE 16GB of your documents, spreadsheets, files, programs, photos, videos, music, and important back-up material, all in one extremely small device!

Just look at all this can hold! Amazing!

1 Up to 9600 Photos!
1 Thousands Of Documents And Files!
1 4000 MP3 Songs (that's over 8 days worth!)
1 48 Hours Of MPEG4 Movies!

Oh, and setup is soooo easy! For XP, Vista, and 7 computers, you just plug it and you're good to go. The drive will show up under My Computer. Just drag the files over you want to put on the drive! That's it!


Again, the price is AMAZING, so now's the time to buy! Just $22.97 and US shipping is FREE! $40-$60 retail!! It's crazy not to grab a few a this kind of price! Here's the link:

PS - We're not sure how long our inventory is going to last on these as it is a limited time deal! So, get to the site as soon as you can ~ before our supplier increases the price!!

Warning - The price will increase to $32.97 IF there's any left get to ordering!

Computers 101

Lance from DE asks:

Is there any way to get my Google Calendar to show up in Mozilla Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is one of the most used desktop email clients out there. With all of its functionality, it’s a definite choice for just about any email task. Google Calendar, on the other hand, is a feature-rich web-based Calendar application that, if added to Thunderbird, will help you enjoy best of both worlds. However, Thunderbird does not come with a built-in Calendar. So here is a step by step guide to add Google Calendar to Thunderbird.

1. Fire up Thunderbird and go to Tools > Addons. Once you are there search for Lightning.


2. Once you find it, use the install button to add it to Mozilla Thunderbird. You will need to restart Thunderbird to complete the installation.

3. You will now see a new label Events and Tasks in the Thunderbird menu bar.


4. Now, in a similar way, install another extension called Provider for Google Calendar 0.8 to allow bidirectional access to Google Calendar. Search for the term Google Calendar in the add-on tab to find it.


5. Now log in to your Google Calendar account in any browser. Go to Calendar Settings.


6. Go to the Calendar tab and click the calendar you wish to add to Thunderbird.


7. Scroll down until you reach the Calendar Address section. You will have three options to copy the address of your calendar. Right-click on the XML option and copy the link location.


8. Now in the Thunderbird window, go to File > New > Calendar.


9. Choose On the Network and proceed. In the next screen, choose Google Calendar and paste the calendar address you copied from your Google Calendar settings (step 7).


10. Press Next and you will be prompted to enter your Google Calendar username and password. Press next and name your calendar, choose a color and opt to show the alarms.


Now that Google Calendar is added to Thunderbird you’ll never need a separate tool to keep track of your events or emails.

~ Soumen Halder

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MS Office Calc: Pasting Text into One Cell or Many Cells

If you’ve ever tried to paste text into a spreadsheet then you know that it doesn’t always go as planned.

You paste a list of 4 items into a cell, expecting them to be in 4 different cells… instead you find yourself staring at a list of 4 items in a single cell.

Instead of this:


you got this:


Yeah, I know – not the plan…this time.

Click here for a solution!

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Tip of the Day

Restore Last Tab

This has happened to me a lot more than I’d like to admit: I’d be browsing around with about a million tabs open, and for some reason I would decide that closing some of them would be a good idea.

Not so much.

As it turns out, I actually needed that last tab, but instead of cursing and throwing a fit of lament, I remembered this handy key combination.

Which you can find by clicking here!

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Today's Feature

COMODO Firewall FREE Part 2: Essential Frewall Alerts

Now that you have fully installed COMODO Antivirus Free, you will begin to see a number of COMODO Firewall Alerts appear above your task bar. These alerts are triggered when unrecognized connections to and from your computer to an outside network (such as the internet) are detected by COMODO Firewall. More than simply alerting you to a potential threat, these Firewall Alerts also give you a variety of options with which to deal with the unrecognized connections, giving you full control of what programs are allowed to connect to outside networks. To better understand these alerts and their uses, here is a breakdown of the options available within the COMODO Firewall Alert System:

(Note: For those who have installed COMODO’s Defense+ system, these alerts will look familiar at first glance. However, there are a  number of options and informational dialogs which are unique to the COMODO Firewall Alert system, and as such should be analyzed just as carefully, if not more so, as a new Defense+ Alert.)

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Amanda's Coolsite

Angel Guardian Orphanage

I was really very touched when a reader sent me the link to this site to help get the word out to alumni of the Angel Guardian Orphanage in Chicago, IL. So I went to the site to check it out, and it looks like a fantastic resource for these alumni to reconnect. I feel I have to share it with all of you, because if it helps one person reconnect then it is completely worth it.

Also, I found the history provided on the main page to be very interesting. I also found it interesting that the building is still used for helping children and adults with developmental disabilities.

To enter the site click, the Enter the Halls of A.G.O. button. This will whisk you into the heart of the site where you will find the message board for communication, alumni web sites, photos, memories and more.

So if you’re an alumni of Angel Guardian Orphanage, or a friend or family member was, check it out today, and get reconnected with other alumni today.


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Monthly Wallpaper

New Computer? GREAT!

How Will You Transfer Files and Programs Over From Your Old One?

A Transfer Cable, You Say?

OK - But Transfer Cables ONLY Transfer Files!

What About ALL of Those EXPENSIVE Software Programs?

What's The Matter? Why Are You Freaking Out?!

We've Got EXACTLY What You Need!


Move EVERYTHING Over to Your New PC: Files AND Software Programs!


Save Yourself HOURS - Even DAYS of Hassles - and a TON of Money!

Works With WHATEVER YOU'VE GOT - XP, Vista, Windows...

Can You Push a Button? THEN YOU CAN DO THIS!

A Frightening Little Story...

Bill just got a new computer. He's SUPER excited, and can't wait to get it booted up. Slamming the door behind him and throwing his keys on the table, he rushes to the living room and starts to unbox that shiny new PC.

In walks his roommate, Fred. Fred knows a thing or two about computers and has no problem giving Bill advice - even though he can be quite smug about sharing his knowledge...

"Hey Fred! Check it out - I FINALLY got a new computer!" Bill says, eagerly awaiting approval from his nerdy roommate. "It's SO much better than my last one. I can't WAIT to get everything transferred over from that old piece of junk!"

"Well Bill" Fred says in a smug, all knowing voice, "that's a nice idea and all, but how are you going to transfer everything over just using that old transfer cable of yours?"

With his face starting to redden, Bill stammers "Wait...wha-what do you mean how? I've got that cable'll do the trick, right Fred? RIGHT?"

"Wrong!" Fred laughs. "That thing'll only transfer over your files. What about all of that expensive software you've invested so much money in, Bill? What about that? How do you think you'll get that transferred over?"


After letting Bill suffer in silence for a few moments, Fred introduces Bill to LAPLINK PC MOVER WITH CABLE...

The most INGENIOUS program EVER created for PC users!

If you are planning on getting a new PC any time in the near future - LapLink PC Mover is AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE! If you're buying a new computer with Windows 7 on it - it's even MORE important that you have this! Here's why!

Move EVERYTHING From Your Old PC to Your New One With EASE!

This awesome software lets you transfer everything - from your files to your software programs - onto your new computer. Most transfer cables only let you transfer over old files...but what about all of that IMPORTANT software that you've spent a FORTUNE on?

Moving files is simple - moving software is not. In fact, it's nearly impossible!


When most software is installed, you get components and pieces of the software scattered all over your hard drive .

Manually finding every part and putting it back on a new computer, placed where it should be and registered with Windows is almost impossible.


This is the ONLY program on the planet that allows you to do an upgrade from XP to Windows 7 while keeping ALL of your files and software!

Why? Because for some reason, Microsoft will NOT support a direct upgrade path to Win7 from XP. You can buy it, but once you install it - you're in for a nasty surprise! You'll be told that ALL of your software is now gone, and that it'll try to relocate it. It can't. Hope you backed everything up..

That's right - if you're using XP (and some versions of Vista) the "upgrade" to Windows 7 will DUMP ALL YOUR SOFTWARE!!!

GUESS WHAT? This is the ONLY software that solves that HORRIBLE problem!

Everything will be there when you've finished, and all of your data will be where it should be! LapLink PC Mover is like a MIRACLE!

The Test Results BLEW US AWAY!

Before we get started on a test run for you, just know this: all you need to know in order to successfully run this program to click your mouse!

Step 1: install the software on both PC's

VERY EASY! Now just attach them with the INCLUDED USB cable. SIMPLE!

Ready to start making decisions? Go ahead! Exclude any files you don't want to keep. Wanna keep all of your data file folders? Leave the check marks in the little boxes, and they'll be kept!

Step 2: Let LapLink scan and find ALL of your old software!

When it's done, it'll give you a list with check boxes - leave checks in the ones you want to transfer over to your new PC. It's THAT EASY! Being able to select only the programs you want to transfer is AMAZING!

Oh, it even tells you when you already have the same software on your new PC (this program will not overwrite existing files, so you don't need to worry about data loss).

Step 3: Walk away and let LapLink do it's thing!

Once you've selected everything you want transferred over, your job is done! Now LapLink will AUTOMATICALLY transfer EVERYTHING you asked it to!

This obviously takes some time - especially if you're transferring large amounts of date. No big deal! The easiest solution is to let it run over night - when you get up in the morning, your new computer will be decked out and ready to go!



The software is upgradable to the newest version whenever you decide to make the switch! So, if you're planning on a new PC anytime in the future, grab this title now and stick it on your shelf!

If PC Answers Magazine says it's awesome...IT IS!

"Instead of messing around with program installation and data copying , PCmover is the ideal tool for anyone making the change to a new PC."
PC Answers Magazine


You're not going to find this for anywhere less than 60-80 bucks anywhere...except at Worldstart!

For today only, this BRILLIANT program can be yours for just $16.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!

PS: Remember, you can get this software now, while it's still available, and not buy your new PC until next year...or how ever long you want - and this program will automatically upgrade itself to the newest version when you install it. How sweet!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper!

Ready for November? Yeah, neither am I. However, time marches on and we have some new wallpaper for your to check out :)

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free. Head on over and check it out!

Mosquito Beach Stormy Rainbows

This was easily one of the toughest photos I’ve ever created.

It was taken one cold, rainy morning in Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore along Lake Superior - Mosquito Beach to be exact. I had backpacked in and set up camp to facilitate... (More)

Blue Hen Falls In Autumn

This is one I’ve been trying to bag for awhile – since my film days in fact! See, each time I’d stop to shoot the falls (usually in autumn), I’d end up with VERY little water flow. Instead of the nice robust waterfall you see here, I would typically... (More)

Stormy Sunset At Sleeping Bear

We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The first evening saw a sunset that was blocked by clouds, the second was clear and colorless, so this was our last chance. If we didn’t get something here... (More)

It can all be found here:

~ Steve



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