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OS X Daily: Show All Windows for an App in OS X Lion with Mission Controls Exposé

OS X Daily: Show All Windows for an App in OS X Lion with Mission Controls Exposé

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Show All Windows for an App in OS X Lion with Mission Controls Exposé

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 01:44 AM PST

Show All App Windows with Expose in OS X Lion

Exposé was replaced with Mission Control in OS X Lion by name, but that doesn’t mean some of the most useful functions of Expose are gone.

To access app-specific Expose in Lion and display all of an applications open windows, move the cursor over an apps Dock icon and then do a three fingered swipe down. You’ll be brought to the familiar all-window view that was very popular in prior versions of Mac OS X.

swipe down open app in the Dock to show Expose in Lion

Depending on your Mission Control and gesture settings in OS X Lion you might need to do a four-fingered downward swipe instead. Performing the downward swipe in the currently open app has the same effect, assuming that app has more than one window open.

Forgot an OS X Lion Password? Reset it Using an Apple ID

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 10:17 AM PST

Reset a forgotten Mac OS X Lion Password with an Apple ID

Aside from resetting a Mac OS X Lion password with the passwordreset command line tool or by creating a new user account, you can use a new feature in OS X 10.7 that allows a user password to be reset via the accompanying Apple ID, the same Apple ID that is tied to an iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and Apple Support account.

Resetting a Lost OS X Lion Password Using an Apple ID

Understand the caveats before beginning: this method only works if you set an Apple ID to tie with the OS X user account, and this option won’t be available for users with FileVault 2 protection enabled. Also note that this leads to the creation of a new keychain, but the old keychain will remain intact if you do recall the old password sometime down the road.

  • After incorrectly entering a user password three times at the Mac login screen, a message appears saying “If you forgot your password, you can reset it using your Apple ID”, click the arrow button to bring up a “Reset Password” dialog
  • Enter the Apple ID login information that is tied to the OS X Lion user account and click “Reset Password”
  • Click “OK” to confirm the new keychain creation
  • Enter and verify a new password, fill out the password hint field, and again click on “Reset Password”
  • Click “Continue Log In” to login as the user account with the reset password

If there is no Apple ID attached to the user account, use the passwordreset tool or new user trick, and some of the more complex older methods from Mac OS X 10.6 continue to work as well.

External Monitor & Display Deals for Black Friday 2011

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 09:33 AM PST

External monitor

In the market for an external monitor this Holiday season? These Amazon deals are active now and some are up to 50% off, while the in-store deals start on Black Friday itself and offer huge discounts on other brands if you don’t mind a busy visit to the stores. Whether some of the discounts are worth battling the hoards of shoppers is your call, but here’s a good selection of some of the best external display deals out there for Black Friday 2011:

External Monitor Deals for Black Friday

  • ViewSonic VA2702W 27-Inch Full HD 1080p Widescreen LCD Monitor – $259 –
  • ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Monitor- $169.98 –
  • Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED 24-Inch (23.6-Inch Vis) Widescreen LED Monitor with Full HD 1080p – $189.99 –
  • HP 2711x 27-Inch LED Monitor – $299.99 –
  • Dell Ultra-Slim 23″ S2330MX Flat Panel Monitor – $169.99 – Dell Home Systems
  • Dell UltraSharp 24″ U2412M Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor – $299 – Dell Home Systems
  • Acer G185HV b 18.5″ Widescreen LCD Monitor – $69.99 – Office Depot
  • Samsung SyncMaster™ B2230 21.5″ LCD Monitor – $119.99 – Office Depot
  • HP 23″ HD LED Widescreen Monitor – $119.99 – Best Buy
  • Acer 21.5″ Flat-Panel LCD Monitor – $89.99 – Best Buy
  • HP 23″ Widescreen LED Monitor – $129.99 – OfficeMax
  • HP 2011X 20″ Widescreen LED Monitor – $89.99 – OfficeMax
  • AOC 24″ Widescreen LCD Monitor – $149.99 – OfficeMax
  • AOC 19″ Widescreen LCD Monitor – $69.99 – OfficeMax
  • Acer 20″ Widescreen LCD Monitor – $79.99 – OfficeMax
  • Acer 23″ Widescreen LCD Monitor – $99.99 – OfficeMax
  • Samsung S22A100N 21.5″ LED Monitor – $119.99 – Staples
  • Samsung 23″ Widescreen LED Monitor – $139.99 – Staples
  • HP 2311x 23″ LED Monitor – $129.98 – Staples
  • Dell ST2421L 24″ Widescreen LED Monitor – $179.98 – Staples

Don’t miss our other Black Friday deals lists and posts, including for iPods, Apple’s deals, and more.

iPod touch, iPod, & iPod Accessories Deals for Black Friday 2011

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 09:12 AM PST

iPod Lineup

Black Friday is quickly approaching, Apple is having their own sale, but you can sometimes find even better deals by looking elsewhere. Some of the best deals come from iPod touch combination deals, where you can buy a discounted iPod touch that comes bundled with a generous gift card to the same store or to the iTuneS Store. We’ll cover iPods and iPod accessories here, just be aware that many of these deals are available in-store only and won’t be available for purchases online.

iPod Touch & iPod Nano Deals & Sales

  • iPod Touch 8gb Plus $25 iTunes Gift Card – $179.99 – Fred Meyer
  • iPod Touch 8GB (4th Gen) w/$50 Gift Card – $199.99 – ToysRUs
  • iPod Touch 32gb (4th Gen) w/$50 Gift Card – $299.99 – ToysRUs
  • iPod Touch 8gb (w/ Free $40 Target Gift Card) – $195 – Target
  • iPod Nano 8gb (6th Gen.) – $129 – Target
  • iPod Touch 8gb (w/ Free $40 Target Gift Card) – $195.00 – Target
  • iPod Touch 8gb 4th Generation (w/ FREE $50 Best Buy Gift Card) – $194.99 – Best Buy
  • iPod nano 8gb (6th Generation, Latest Model) – $124.99 – Best Buy
  • iPod Touch 32gb (4th Gen.) – $274.99 – Best Buy

iPod Docks & Accessories Deals & Sales

Happy shopping!

Restart Mission Control in OS X Lion

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 08:58 AM PST

Restart Mission Control in OS X

If you make any customizations to Mission Control, or if you encounter obvious problems with how Desktops and apps are handled and assigned, you can restart Mission Control without having to reboot the entire Mac. This is done by killing the Dock, where Mission Control is a child process of, and this is also why when you want to change the Mission Control background image you kill the Dock. You can kill the Dock in two ways:

  • Using Activity Monitor
  • Using the Terminal

The command line method is much faster if you’re comfortable with, launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/ and type the following command:

killall Dock

The Dock and all subprocesses will restart themselves automatically, including Mission Control.

Using the task management tool Activity Monitor is the other option for those who prefer staying within the GU and avoiding the command line:

  • Hit Command+Space to bring up Spotlight and type in “Activity Monitor”
  • In the upper right corner of Activity Monitor, find the search box and type “Dock”
  • Select the process and then click on the big red “Quit Process” button, confirming in the dialogue box by selecting ‘Force Quit’

Again, the Dock and Mission Control will automatically restart themselves.

Whichever method you choose to perform the restart, this can be a great troubleshooting tip if you’re running into peculiarities with graphical artifacts, irregular Desktop Spaces assignments, and other generally buggy behavior within Mission Control.

Thanks for the tip Mike

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