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Computer Tips [ Computer Memory Problems? Find The Issue Now + Remove The Pain Of Antivirus Uninstalling + Create Ringtones To Fit Your Taste - Here's How ] 11/22/2011

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Worldstart Computer Tips 11-22-2011

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Quick Tips

Windows 7 Memory Diagnostics Utility

If you suspect that your computer has a memory issue, but it’s not being detected automatically, it’s best to make use of the Windows Memory Diagnostics utility that’s built-in to Windows 7.

Here’s how to access it:

Click Start, and in the Search Box type mdsched.exe. You can then either hit the Enter key or click the mdsched icon that appears in the search results above.

The window that pops up will ask you if you want to run the memory diagnostic now or when you next restart your computer. Make sure if you choose to run it now that all of your work has been saved.

Whichever option you click, eventually you’ll end up at a screen that looks like this:

It will take a few minutes for the utility to complete the test. When it’s done, your computer will restart automatically.

…and hopefully you’ll see this message in the bottom-right corner when Windows is fully booted.

If not, you may want to call tech support.


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"Everyone Wants My Earbuds!"

Your Poor Ears Haven't LIVED - Till They've Tried On These Babies!


Take One Part Absolutely Remarkable Sound, One Part Ultra-Comfort...

And You Get THESE Phenomenal Earbuds!

Noise Reduction! Extra Bass!

Sends Every Other Set Of Earbuds Cryin' For Their Mommas!

If you've ever tried to listen music with hard plastic earbuds, you've probably had the same gripes that I've had with 'em. Yeah, they're lightweight but the trouble is your ear has to be just the right size to fit them. You have to jam them in your ear - hoping and praying that they stay. But they always end up falling out... so you have to jam 'em so far into your ear that they're REALLY uncomfortable.

That's why I was so excited found the PERFECT solution! We've just come across an incredible set that sound GREAT (YES...they're STEREO, have EXTRA BASS & are NOISE REDUCTION! ) and are VERY comfortable.

Let's face it, if earphones aren't comfortable, who cares how they sound, cuz you'll never wear 'em to ever find out! Well, these stream-lined earphones really deliver not only on great sound but comfort too!

Here's why these Stereo Earbuds work:

Each earpiece features a soft silicone earpad and they will fit in almost any ear. They create a slight suction - so when you place the earpiece in your ear it stays there ...comfortably, and doesn't fall out!

These truly are a have a great set of earphones that you can take where ever you go! In fact, you can use these at your computer desk if you're working on your computer late at night or early in the morning and you need to keep the sound down.

And the cord is long enough (4 foot) without being too long so as to get tangled and in the way (another small point but something I've noticed as a problem with other earphones I've tried!)

And in case you were wonderin', this is the common plug (3.5 mm) that fits into the front and your computer and most other audio devices, like portable radios, laptops, cd /dvd/mp3 players, iPods etc.

Do NOT let the low price fool you on this. We just happened to get a great deal on these so we're passin' along the savings! Believe it or not, today these are just $8.97 and shipping in the US is FREE!


PS - At this price, might want to consider picking up 2 or three of these so you have one at your computer, one in the car and one you can stick in your pocket or purse for walks or bike rides!

Warning - This price is set to increase soon! Don't pay $14.97 for 'em later - grab 'em today!


Computers 101

Claudie, from Marshalltown Iowa asks:

How do you remove Norton from your PC completely?  I can not uninstall it for some reason.

Hi, Claudie.

Norton, along with Mcafee, AVG and the other powerful anti-virus programs are designed to infiltrate your system completely in order to protect it.  They provide so many levels of protection that they have to have their claws very deep into your system.  The trade-off for this protection is that they are extremely hard to remove completely, although it is important to remove the old anti-virus completely before installing new anti-virus software.

I know that I sound like a broken record on this topic, but my initial recommendation is to pay a pro to do this removal for you, especially if you are not comfortable with making major changes to your system.  I’ve never personally heard of a failure to remove one of these programs completely from your system causing any major system problems, but it may prevent your new anti-virus program from operating, or at least operating like it should.

If you want to remove the program yourself, there is a tool that can help you do that.

You can download it from https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?lg=english&ct=united+states&docid=20080710133834EN&product=home&version=1&pvid=f-home.

You need to make sure that you have your Norton product key and install software on hand just in case you decide to reinstall Norton at a later time.

Hope that this helps.


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MS Office

OpenOffice.org Writer: Creating Duplicates of Selected Text With a Simple Drag and Drop

When you’re looking to duplicate something in an OpenOffice.org Writer document how, do you accomplish the task?

Let me guess… you select it, copy it then move to the new location and paste it… am I right?

What if you could accomplish the same thing in a much more efficient manner?

Would you want to know how?

Why, of course you would… who wouldn’t want to know an extra tidbit that has such possibilities?

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Tip of the Day

Creating Customized iPhone Ringtones

The iPhone is easily the most popular smartphone on the market, but the built in ringtones are a little trite. Luckily, creating custom ringtones for the iPhone isn’t only easy, but quick.

Start by going into iTunes and picking out a song. When choosing, keep a couple guidelines in mind. It’s very important to choose a song that’s loud enough to be heard. It’s also very important to use a song that is DRM (Digital Rights Management) free. DRM free songs are ones that you imported from a CD, or downloaded from a music service such as Amazon Mp3. Songs from iTunes are not DRM free, and will not work.


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Today's Feature

Guarding Your Camera Against Bad Weather

If you’ve got expensive camera gear, it’s imperative that you protect it, come rain or sunshine. Here is where these tips could help you guard it like never before.

Read the manual
Most avoid reading the manual out of sheer laziness, but if you have spent hard-earned money to own expensive equipment, it would be foolish not to guard it properly. Here is where reading the camera manual will help to some extent. Some tips are better than the others, but reading the manual is still a good thing.

More tip is available here!

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Amanda's Coolsite

Simply Gluten-Free

There are a lot of people eating gluten-free nowadays, and I thought it would be nice to share a site that was devoted to sharing awesome gluten-free recipes now that the holiday season is firmly upon us.

I’m a big believer in the adage that you eat with your eyes first, and so it was important to me to find a site that has luscious pictures to go with the recipes. Simply Gluten-Free’s images are just that – luscious.  Just scroll down and take a gander at the bevy of images that await you for each category featured on the main page. You’ll be hungry in two seconds flat, I sure was!

This site really celebrates eating and living gluten-free. I love that it feels like a celebration! You’ll find navigation along the top of the page. You’ll find the featured categories if you scroll down the page: Quick & Easy, Balanced Budget, Figure Friendly, Entertaining, Appetizers, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Salad & Dressings, Cupcakes, Cookies &Candies,  etc.

A great section to check out from the menu at the top of the page is New to GF? In that section you can learn all about what gluten is, why some people need to avoid it at all costs, what you can find it in, and discovering all the delicious things they can still eat!



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Your Safety Is At RISK!

Your Family Is At RISK!

Someone Could Break In While You're Sleeping...

And You Wouldn't Know Till It Was TOO LATE!

Don't Be A Statistic!

Amazing New Window & Door Alarm System To The Rescue!

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How many times have you thought about getting SOME kind of security system? After all, you KNOW you need one - everyone does nowadays - no one is immune to random robberies!

Besides, who wants to be sound asleep when someone tries to break into your home?

I mean, we've all heard the horror stories of people who were tucked into bed when a criminal broke into their house. Sometimes they just swipe your stuff, sometimes it things go much, much worse. Just like you, the victims never though it could happen to them.

Just say "NO" to being another crime statistic!

ASK A COP - had the criminal set off an alarm as he entered, he would have likely fled the scene before any damage was done. In this day and age, it just MAKES SENSE to have SOME kind of security system!

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Of course, the big problem is how expensive a security system can be - plus the monthly fees! Yikes!

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Instant Security Baby!

Once set, I pity 'd fool who opens a door or window with one of these babies guarding it - they'll be slapped along side the head with an ear-piercing 90DB siren! Talk about waking up the neighborhood (and sending them RUNNING like a little girl)!

Oh, and did I mention you get FOUR of these babies in this deal! WOW! How cool is that?

Protect doors, protect windows, PROTECT YOURSELF!

You cost for all this security? Ready for this? You get a 4 pack of these handy little alarms for just $12.97 and US shipping if FREE! For less than LUNCH you can protect your home - and your family! Grab enough for all your doors and windows!

Biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind! Grab yours today!


PS - Isn't your families safety worth a few bucks? For this kind of money, there's no excuse not to protect your family, yourself and your home. Don't WISH you would have grabbed a set of these - GET yours now!

Monthly Wallpaper

November Wallpaper!

Ready for November? Yeah, neither am I. However, time marches on and we have some new wallpaper for your to check out :)

All the desktop wallpaper below is 100% free. Head on over and check it out!


Mosquito Beach Stormy Rainbows

This was easily one of the toughest photos I’ve ever created.

It was taken one cold, rainy morning in Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore along Lake Superior - Mosquito Beach to be exact. I had backpacked in and set up camp to facilitate... (More)

Blue Hen Falls In Autumn

This is one I’ve been trying to bag for awhile – since my film days in fact! See, each time I’d stop to shoot the falls (usually in autumn), I’d end up with VERY little water flow. Instead of the nice robust waterfall you see here, I would typically... (More)

Stormy Sunset At Sleeping Bear

We had been trying for three days to get something – anything – at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The first evening saw a sunset that was blocked by clouds, the second was clear and colorless, so this was our last chance. If we didn’t get something here... (More)

It can all be found here:


~ Steve



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